Adblock Plus: How Block Pop up Ads on Any Website Using Adblock Plus

For any website to generate income the owner needs to display ads like pop up ads, sidebar ads, links ads and below title and after title post ads. Or solely depend on generating income from affiliate marketing.

But when ads are too many on any website you visit, it inconvenient your activities on the site, with this you may need to block the ads on the site using ad blocker like adblock plus for UC browser, Ad blocker for Safari, Google Chrome ads block plugin.

The moment you use ad blocker to block pop up ads on any website the ads will stop displaying and you will be able to surf the site without any hindrance.

Pop up ads are found almost on every website where the group running the website are ready to make money with their website but when it is too many, it really irritates.

Take a look at this website ,we only have limited ads running and a pop ads recommended by Google which means that you may not need to use adblock plus.

To every blogger out there, the only reward they get from their visitor is the earning the generated from their website to maintain the site and without that there is no special reward for bloggers.

To this end, and before you learn how to integrate ad blocker into any website to help block ads like pop up ads, let first take a look at adblock plus in details.

What is Adblock Plus

Adblock is a software or plugin or inbuilt program on any software such as Google Chrome, UC mobile browser to block ads on a website for easy navigation. Whenever you find any disturbing ads on a website like pop up you can easily block it using ad blocker.

So the purpose of ad blocker is to help you block ads whether it’s pop up or not for free on any website.

The beauty of adding ad block to your browsers is that you will not be able to see any ads displaying on the website.

How to Use AdBlock Plus as Ad Blocker on Any Site

If you have gone this far that means you really want to block any ads that is disturbing you when you visited any website.

And if that be the reason, this post is actually for you and it will teach you how to add ad blocker to any website using UC mobile browser, Google Chrome browser using Chrome plugin, and Mozilla firefox browser.

How to Block Ads On UC  Mobile Browser With AdBlock Plus

My favoritte browser on mobile is Google Chrome but since I cannot block any pop up ads on it, I then choose to try UC browser and it works perfectly.

UC browser  for mobile has an inbuilt ads block plugin that can be used to block any pop up ads for free on any website you visit on the browser.

The plugin works just fine and it makes surfing any website on it very smooth. So, if you are using UC mobile browser and you will love to block any ads you can just use UC mobile browser ads blocker, follow the steps below.

1. Download and install UC mobile browser and if you have it already, skip this step and move to the next step.

2. Start your UC mobile browser and accept terms and condition

3. On the homepage click on the 3-parallel line and click on ad block

adblock plus

4. Click on the ad blocker and powerful ad blocker to block any ads, whether it is pop up or not on any websites you visit on the browser.

adblock plus

5. Then return to your browser homepage, you have successfully block ads on any website you want to visit using UC inbuilt ad blocker plus.

adblock plus

How to Block Ads on Google Chrome Using Adblock Plus

Just say farewell to annoying ads on your Chrome browser with just a single click on Chrome plugin. They are tons of Google Chrome plugin that can be used as ad blocker and here are the top 3-Chrome ad blocker plugins.

1. Ad BlockPlus

2. Ad Block

3. Adguard Blocker

For the sake of this post, let quickly go through how to block ads on Google Chrome using Adblock plus.

Why ad block plus and not other?

Well, Ad block plus has the highest number of users and that is why we are considering it first. Meanwhile, others have millions of active users too but the first one trend most.

Now, to ad blocker on Google chrome, kindly follow the steps below and you be freed of annoying ads on any website except you chose to free the website.

1. Download and install Adblock plus plugin on your Chrome browser by simply click on add to chrome

Adblock plus

2. Once you clicked on add to Chrome from the step above, the ad blocker will check your browser whether it’s Chrome for compatibility reason and if it Chrome, a new pop up will ask you to add extension, then click on add.

adblock plus

3. A new window will open once your installation is successful and you are done blocking ads on Chrome.

adblock plus

4. Whenever you visit any website, ads on the site will not show. You can re-enable ads on the site by disabled Adblock on the site.

adblock plus

How to Block ads On Mozilla Firefox Using Adblock Plus

What you need to block ads on Mozilla is simply a plugin for adblocker and you will stop seeing those annoying ads on site you visit on daily basis. To implement adblocker on Mozilla Firefox, simple follow the step below.

1. Launch your Mozilla Firefox browser and navigate to “Menu” and then click on “Add-ons”

adblock plus

2. When it opens, just type “Adblock plus” into the search box position to the upper right of your Mozilla browser and click on enter tab on your computer keyboard or the search icon.

3. A list of add-ons will display for you to install, just click on install right in front of your search keyword which is adblocker plus and it will start to download your adblocker plugin for Mozilla.

4. And a successful message will pop up telling you that your adblocker installation is successful.

adblock plus

Here you go, you have successful blocked ads on all your browsers. If you need any information on your favorite ads blocker that this post failed to cover, kindly communicate us through the comment section.

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