Adblock Plus: How to Remove Google Ads from Android apps

This tutorial is for those that wanted to use Android Adblock plus to block Google ads on Android apps. Some Android free apps are not total free because they display ads which can be sometimes distracting while using such an app.

If you need Google Ads adblocker to block ads on your Android phone or to remove ads or stop ads from displaying while using any app on your Android, you will find this post extremely useful as this tutorial will provide the easiest way to block ads on your Android phone.

There are some Android Adsblocker apps that can be used to block ads from displaying on free InApp app but here today, we will see how to easily use Android lucky patcher as an adblock plus app for Android phone.

The idea is if you have an app that you wanted to stop seeing live Google ads while using it, you can block the ads, remove the ads from the app and even deactivate the activities of the ads from the app once and for all and the live ads will stop displaying.

Meanwhile another way to stop seeing live ads on InApp on your Android is to go the apps premium version but if you cannot afford to buy the app then you should think on how to get Android adblocker to remove the ads from showing.

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What is Android Adblock Plus?

Adblock plus is an Android app programmed to block live ads or stop the activities of ads on free InApp or in a website serving ads. What Android blocker does it to stop ads from showing on mobile app or on a website to have a smooth usage of the app and website to put an end to any form of distraction coming from the ads displaying.

Android adblocker blocks live ads from display and give a free ride with the app like a premium.

How to Use Android Adblock Plus as Adblocker

Google Ads can be very annoying at times when displayed on free apps downloaded Google store or apk websites, most especially pop up ads that tempts app users click on it. Nevertheless, this tutorial will help to put an ends to that in a matter of minutes. The step below are the exact steps I followed to use lucky patcher as Android adblocker and block the entire activities of ads on any Android app.

1. Download an install Android lucky patcher 6.3.5 on your Android

2. Click to open the installed lucky patcher app and select the app you wanted to remove Google ads from.

3. When the app is opened, click on “open menu of patches”

Adblock plus

4. A new window will pops up, then click on “remove Google Ads” and click on patch to remove Google ads on the new window that follows.

Adblock plus

5. Click on the apply button to start removing Google ads  and to start patching the app.

adblock plus

6. Next is your app patch result with number of string from AdsBlockList, patch pattern N1 to patch pattern N5 and the percentage of the app being patched. Then click on the OK button to completely remove Google ads from the app.

Adblock plus

7. Click on launch app to launch the app and see whether you still have Google ads displaying

Note: Lucky patcher requires root access to work

How to Remove Adblock Plus Using Lucky Patcher From Android app

If you really take note of the lucky patch apps when removing Google ads from your Android app from the steps above, you will noticed it created an odex files on your Android phone, and for you to re-enable Google Ads back to the app you patched you have to remove this file.

To remove the files from your device, launch the lucky patcher again and click on the app you just patched. Click on Tools  and click remove ODEX with changes to restore default app.

Adblock plus

Is in that easy? That is the simple trick on how to use Lucky patcher as an Google Adblocker on Android phones.

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