Apk Installer: 3 Ways to Install Apk Files on Android

You don’t always needs apk installer app to install apk files most times. But to make installing apk apps very easy you can consider using apk file installer for Android and for PC.

You can install apk files directly from your PC to your Android phone without a visit to any apk downloader website.

As a matter of fact, we have three tested and trusted means to install apk files on Android device without any issue.

The first procedure is what we all know, which is installing apk file through enabling installation from unknown source on our Android settings while the other two methods will be with the help of apk installer for Android and PC.

So, if you are reading this post now you will definitely learn new ways to install Android apk app using installer app or software for your Android and PC respective.

Apk installer

How to Install Apk Apps Without Apk Installer

This is the traditional method most of us know how to use. For you to use this method, you only have to tell your Android device that you know what you are doing. Because whenever you make an attempt to install apk file it will be classified that you are installing app from an unknown source which is actually true.

However, to install apk file without the use of apk installer app on your Android or PC, kindly refer to the procedure below.

1. Swipe down your device from the home screen and click on settings gear icon, depending on your phone.

2. Scroll down to personal section and click on security just below location as shown below.

Apk Installer

3. Scroll down to device administrators and enable unknown source. This feature will allow installation of apps from unknown source which will actually grant access to your device to install apk files.

Apk Installer

With this method you can install apk apps of your choice without apk installer.

How to Install Apk on Android Using Apk Installer

If you don’t want to alter your device administrator settings you can use this procedure to install apk files on your Android without fear.

1.Download and install apk installer from Google play store directly to your Android. Meanwhile, if you are on PC reading this post you can quick read on how to install Google apps directly from PC.

2. Open the apk app on your device and search for the apk file you want to install using the app search box or just select from the list of downloaded apk apps and click on install apks to the right bottom of your phone screen.

Apk installer

3. And the apk file will be installed instantly on your device.

How to Install Apk From PC to Android Using Apk Installer

There is a version of apk installer for PC running Windows 7,8, and 10 to install apk files directly from PC to Android phones. Meanwhile, to make installing apk files very easy using your PC you must have downloaded the apk files first. Check out top sites to download apk files  before you continue.

1. Download and install Apk installer for PC and restart your PC afterward (Not compulsory)

2. Connect your Android phone to your PC and enable debugging via developer option for apk PC installer to detect your Android phone. Then select the phone and click on OK tab to proceed.

apk installer

3. Click on install at the upper left of the apk PC installer homepage, select tools from the bottom on the page that follows and click on open apk to add the list of all the apks you want to install on your Android.

apk installer

4. Tick the apk apps you love to install on your device and click on install to the right bottom of the apk install  page.

apk installer

5. And the installation process will begin. Once done, you will see a notification that you have installed a new app on your device and the apk PC installer will indicate that well.

apk installer

That is how simple it is to use Android Apk PC installer to install app directly to your Android phone. Do you know about Apk installer before now? And what do you feel about it?


  1. Osman Molla Reply

    Awesome, useful and informative article. Above three tips is useful. But I think, apk installer is the best way to install an apk file in android.

  2. Sofi williams Reply

    Hello Sir,
    My android phone version is 4.2.2. While i open my google play store app. There is a error found.
    As a result, i am unable to install the imo app on my phone.
    So i want to install the imo free video calls and chat software via an apk installer.
    Can i able to install imo software via these apk installer?

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