Best Torrent Sites: Top 10 Torrenting Sites of All Time

Coming up with the list of best Torrent sites and world fast growing Torrenting sites couldn’t have been so easy but here today, the journey to learn about top Torrent sites based on their ranking has began.

Starting from the begin of this year, Kickass Torrents site and The Pirate Bay Torrents site have been in close competition when it comes to pulling huge traffic.

More than what we can remember has happened to so many Torrent sites. Most Torrent sites disappear into the thin air when they couldn’t hold the competition in the world of Torrenting sites.

Funny enough, when these best Torrenting sites disappear, top notch file-sharers manuovre their ways to finding another best alternative Torrent sites that offer almost the same service.

Some of the best Torrenting sites died down because they shared malware files and virus that could harm leecher’s computer.

Here we consider 10 best Torrent sites with an amazing daily traffic based on 2016 Alexa ranking. Some of the Torrentz sites we consider here can be new provided they pulled the best traffic daily without any signs of Malware or virus.

The core change in top Torrent sites started with Hostile takeover and followed by the known TV-Torrent site EZTV.

Immediately after TV-Torrent shut down, another unofficial but popular brand took over the spot instantly which we therefore referred to as a new Torrent site.

In the same trend, YIFY’s YTS Torrent site, when the owner of the Torrenting site ran into legal problem with New Zealand governemnt.

As a result, the offical YTS Torrenting site shut down and was immediately replaced by unoffical and has over the last few months gather a huge files to maintain the tenacity of the official YTS Torrent site.

The idea is that, Lerchers are good to go the moment the can find best Torrent sites finder that can easily replaced any previously used ones.

In the world of best Torrenting sites, Kickass Torrents (KAT) still remain the most widely known and visited Torrenting site, and it grows everyday.

And after whole two months of server downtime, Pirate Bay Torrenting site came back to its feet still maintain the second most visited Torrent sites this year.

Apparently, since most of these two Torrent sites have been switching from one domain name to another, we have decided no to include their Alexa rank.

Before we take a look at the list of Best Torrent sites, it worth to note than Rutracker Torrent won’t finds it way to the list of the top 10 Torrent sites you will get to know here.

Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites: Top 10 Torrenting Sites of All Time

Below is the list of our best Torrenting sites based on the number of visitors each Torrents site received. We will also try to include Alxa rank in those that have a consistent domain name over the past few year.

Kickass Torrent Sites

This Torrenting site came in being in 2009 and took over the populous Torrent site traffic, Pirate Bay late last year. And over the last few years, the site has been battling with moving from one domain name to another.

But even at that, the Torrenting site still maintain it huge traffic and still remain the number one Torrenting sites for lechers.

The Pirate Bay Torrent Site

Pirate Bay has a lot of issue last year, and it took it over sometime to come back online, but immediately it found it way back to Torrenting world, it quickly gain million of users and joined the Top Torrent sites as of this morning.

Extra Torrent

Over the past few month, Extra Torrent site has started pulling huge traffic and thus become one of the most active Torrent communities on the internet.

The Torrenting site is also the father of the popular ETTV and ETRG release group. With an Alexa rank of 342, Extra Torrent maintain the 3rd post of best Torrent sites on this list.

Rarbg Torrent Site

This Torrenting site was founded in 2008 and it acted as an affiliate to the popular Torrent site, Torrentz which was reportedly shut down according to Torrentfreak.

The Rarbg site was blocked by UK ISPs late last year which thus bring it to this far end to siting at the position of the 4th best Torrent sites on this post with Alexa rank of 359.

YTS Torrent Site

Over the last few month, YTS has pulled huge traffic to itself which drop the Alexa ranking from 943 to 415 in the world. This Torrent site is an official YIFY group which is one of the most popular Torrent sites for Lechers. With 415 Alexa rank, YTS Torrenting site is the

1337X Torrents Site

This is a new comer Torrenting site founded in 2014. For the fact that the Torrent site is new, the site has rules for uploader and set a pre-defined standard for itself that any uploader who ever violate the rules with will be banned temporarily.

With an Alexa rank of 806, 1337X Torrents is one of our select best Torrent sites

Iso Hunt Torrenting Site

Back in 2013, IsoHunt site was shut down by MPAA but the Torrent site immediately switched to a same domain name with different extension.

The site moved to .to. Though this site is an unofficial IsoHunt site yet it has started pulling traffic over the last we year.

The Torrenting site is getting a huge users per day and it’s killing it among the Top Torrent sites on the internet.
With the Alexa rank 2,124 the sites falls into the category of our top Torrent sites.

Torrent Downloads Site

Torrent Downloads site finally found it way back to the top Torrent site after it first feature in 2011. This site receives million of users monthly with majorities of it users coming from India, United state, China, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

With an Alexa rank of 2158, Torrent download is one of the best Torrenting sites on this list.

Lime Torrents

These Torrenting site has been existing for almost a decade now but could not find its way to the top popular sites not until 2016 because of the popular files you can download from the sites and are all free from malware and virus.
With Alexa rank of 3193, Line Torrent is one of our most popular Torrent sites here on this list

BitSnoop Torrent Site

This is yet another popular Torrenting sites with huge database of downloadable Torrent files. With qualities of Torrent files, Leechers found this site an amazing one.

With this Torrent site, you can search virtually for almost everything such as video, audio, games, software and others with huge files and fast downloading speed.

With an Alexa rank of 4,994, BitSnoop is considered one of the best Torrent site for now.

Note that the Alexa rank of these best Torrent sites change often and since Alexa rank couldn’t guaranteed 100% efficiency, you can take other thing into consideration for your metric measure measurement.

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