5 Top Websites to Download Lucky Patcher

Do you want to download lucky patcher apk Android app to help patch your favorite app for free and remove Google ads from any apps? Well, there are so many website where you can get lucky patcher apk but there are few websites that constantly upload updated latest lucky patcher apk file for downloading.

Here we have gather the top 5 sites where you can download the latest lucky patcher apk Android app and how to always get the latest lucky patcher directly from your device if you have lucky patcher apk file installed already.

Are you ready to ride with me now? Let see how to stay update to lucky patcher Android apk file and websites to download the latest luck patcher apk file.

Update Manually Before You Download Lucky Patcher Again

If you have an older version of lucky patcher apk file installed on your Android device already, you don’t necessarily need to re-download the apk file again. All you simply need to do is find your way around the app and update it manually.

Meanwhile, if there is any lucky patcher apk file update available you will see a pop if you are connected to the internet the moment you launched the app prompting to you update your patcher to the latest version.

If however, you didn’t take note of any update warning from lucky patcher apk file, here is how to update lucky patcher manually.

1. Launch the patcher app file on your phone and click on the 3 dots to the upper right of the app and tab settings.

Download Lucky Patcher

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on update. If there is any update available, it will ask you to update to help fix bugs but if you are running the latest Patcher, it will pops up a message that you are using the latest version of Lucky Patcher.

Download Lucky Patcher

But if you want to download Lucky Patcher for the first time the next section will show you 5 good websites to download Lucky Patcher at any time with virus free apk files.

To 5 Updated Websites to Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky patcher is just one of the top millions apps you can download from these apk websites. Note that these website will be listed with and without their global Alexa rank.


Apkpure is the number one must visited apk websites on the internet with global Alexa rank of 2,148 and ranked 1,299 in India. Apkpure has one of the largest apk file database on the internet where you can download any updated Android apk app including the latest Pokemon Go apk. You can always visit the apk site to download latest Lucky patcher

2. Akpmirror

Apkmirror is the second  visited apk Android website on the internet with a global Alexa rank of 2,732 and ranked 1,492 in India. Apkmirror is my favorite apk download site, and you too can check it out to attest to it. The website has a user friend interface with single apk download link. You can just visit the apk site to download new Lucky Patcher apk file and update manually in subsequent times.

3. NetBew

This is yet another website to download Luck Patcher app. It’s not an offical apk file download site though but you can always get the latest Lucky patcher download from the website. The site is a Francophone website where most of its content are written using French language. Meanwhile you can use Google chrome or Chrome Google translate plugin to translate it to your official language or English language.

4. freewarelovers.com

This is one of the best website online where you can search for your favorite apk files and download it easily with just a single click without paying a penny. The price for using this apk site to download any apk file is absolute free and there is no reason for you to pay for any Android app when you can just get it at no cost here. You can always get the latest Lucky Patcher for download on this apk site


This site is just an apk file search engine. The site is fully packed with tons of apk files to download all for free with nothing in return. If you are lost at where to get the latest lucky patcher apk app, you can always check out this apk search engine.

Currently, this site has over 336,000 apk files available for download including latest Lucky Patcher apk file.

There are other apk downloader websites but most of the files they shared contain virus and we cannot recommend it for our readers. More so, you can search any of the above listed apk downloader website to download Lucky Patcher anytime.

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