Extratorrents Unblock: How to Unblock Extra Torrent Site

Looking for extratorrents unblock procedure right? Here is a complete guide to unblock extra torrent  and extratorrent.cc. After which you will still be able to download torrent files from these sites.

According to the trending news some browser such as Opera mini are planning to block Privatebay, Extratorrent.cc and some other torrent sites according to Torrentfreak.

After which you will not be able to use extratorrent site again on the affected browsers. However here in this post we will walk you through extratorrent unblock guide even as a beginner.

Since Google is actually planning to block most of the well known torrent site. The we need a way to unblock them to be able to download extratorrent files again.

Extratorrents unblock

Extratorrents Unblock: Unblock Extratorrents After Google Decision

I personally don’t know how long this will take Google to effect this decision but they will definitely come to a conclusion one of this day. If you truly don’t want to be affected by this here is a guide.

This post will explain different means to download extratorrents files after which you must done extratorrents unblock or unblock extratorrents sites.

Before we get started you need below is what you need to unblock extratorrent cc site for the first procedure.

1. A valid VPN account

The only thing you need here to access blocked extra torrents site is a valid VPN account. To learn how to use VPN to unblock extratorrents kindly read how to use VPN as a professional.

If you follow the procedure in the tutorial very well you will be able to execute extratorrents unblock perfectly and still be able to download torrent files from extratorrent.cc.

Extratorrents Unblock: Unblock Extratorrents Using Browser Turbo

Turbo in most browser is design not only to speed up browsing speed or download speed alone but to also to be able to unblock sites such as torrent sites that have been hits by ISP court orders.

If perhaps Google failed to take down Turbo from their web browsers then you can still use browser’s turbo to download from a blocked sites such as blocked extratorrents sites.

Another method that will likely help you to unblock extratorrent is private browsing. Extratorrents unblock seems achievable via private browsing. Private browsing means browsing anonymous and your IP will remain hidden.

Extratorrents Unblock: Unblock Extratorrents Using HideMYIP

If you don’t know how to use hidemyip address site this actually the right time to learn how to. Most blocked sites can be access when you hide your IP address or change your location IP address.

There are tons of website out there that can be used to hide IP address all for free and without registration.

The idea behind hidemyip when it comes to extratorrents unblock is to let you surf internet anonymous.

Instead of going through the normal website homepage to access a webpage you go through a proxy site to hide your IP address.

Extratorrents Unblock: Do Not Update Your Browsers

In most cases any update on browsers will only be effective the moment your updated it.

But if you failed to update yours the downside is that the browser may be malfunctioning which is a bit bad.

However you may not update one of your browsers to be able to enjoy extratorrents unblock so that you will be able to download extratorrent files again.

Note: Only do this when you know what you are doing.

Were you able to unblock extratorrents sites with this tips? If you are still facing challenges on extratorrents unblock kindly drop a comment below.

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