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Massive MP3 songs download came into limelight when Smartphone involved. Before, what we used to was to RIP CDs songs, listen to MP3 on radio tapes, listen to MP3 songs on stereo devices.

But now Android and iOS devices has brought out how people are in love with MP3 songs and how they can be desperate to download it with MP3 downloader.

However, since you can listen to MP3 songs on your smartphone without limitation provided you have enough space on your device to store MP3 musics, then you can download as much as MP3 songs you need for free if you know the right source to it.

MP3 songs free download are found on sites that offers free music download either with MP3 apps or on mobile and PC such as YouTube, Amazon, and some other local MP3 search engines.

If however you are a fan of both local MP3 songs and international musics from top notch singers, you are likely going to find this post interesting when you are set to download MP3 free music from the list of sites you will get to know here in this post.

The MP3 songs free download sites you will learn to use in this post are possibly websites you have been using before now that you don’t know there is MP3 songs free download access granted to every users.

However, you don’t necessarily needs MP3 apps downloader to download free MP3 songs from most of the websites while you want to download songs from some of the sites.

Now, are you prepared to download MP3 musics for free with or without MP3 downloader?

If your answer to this question is yes, then we can proceed to take a look at the list of websites that offers MP3 songs free download and how to download your MP3 musics from these websites.

Recommended MP3 Song Free Download To Notch Site

First and foremost, I advise you don’t skip even a single line in this list of MP3 download sites and don’t guess you already know them or use them in the past to be able to get used to them all on how to download your favorite MP songs from at least the one you choose to go with.

MP3Juice MP3 Songs Free Download Site

MP3Juice is our number one MP3 songs free download site to easily find and download song.

Once you are on this site to download music, what you have to do to find your song is to softly type the names of the song into the site search box, it will search YouTube and SoundCloud for the song you want to download.

Meanwhile, you can search for music via another source different from the default search button website. And all you have to do download free MP3 songs from other source is to click on manager source and you will be able to add addition 8 sources to search for the desired song you want to download.

The website also has an auto-complete search features such that the moment you key in the name of the song you want to download, it will bring up a list of suggest songs name you can download, select the name or type the name complete and click on search.

MP3 songs free download

The MP3 music search engine download will search for the song based on the number of search source you selected from manage source.

After complete search, two options will be made available, the first one to download the song and the second one to play the song online. Then click on download to download your MP3 song and you will be able to access it on your device offline.

Sound Cloud MP3 Songs Free Download

Sound cloud is an open song free download and upload source. Anybody can upload songs to Sound Cloud and as well download MP3 from the same website.

However, all  you need to upload your own song to this music search engine is to simply create an account and start uploading your MP3 songs for free for other to download and share on social network.

This MP3 song free download website enables you to download MP3 without uploading one. You can search MP3 songs from this website by category, or search by name of song you want to download.

MP3 song free download

Sound Cloud also feature an auto-complete song search name to quicken you music search and download on the music social platform.

If you really care about listening to music online while surfing the internet, you can check out Sound Cloud MP3 search engine.

MP3Fusion MP3 Songs Free Download Site

This MP3 music download website have hundred of thousands available for download which are already sort into category. The moment you land on the site homepage, you can easily navigate the website and search for your favorite music to download.

It offers easy music download section.

This website offer an easy way to download songs with and without using the search box. While on the site and you want to download songs, kindly search for the name and click on the song.

MP3 songs free download

A list of option will pop up along with the song asking whether you want to download or share or save it in your playlist. Just click on download song and your song will start to download without wasting time.

The amount of songs you can download from this site without music downloader app are unlimited.

MP3box MP3 Songs Free Download Site

Looking for a website for MP3 songs free download website, you may want to try the power of MP3box.

MP3box is another music download search engine on it own just that the way you download music from MP3 box is quite different from other websites shared above, however it still stand as one of the most used MP3 free songs download websites as at this moment.

With millions of songs you can search for and download from this music search engine database, you only need to download and install MP3 box desktop client to easily download songs from the music social platform.

MP3 downloader websites

The first thing you will have to do to download music from this website after you have successfully installed the MP3 client for the site is for you to register with a valid email address and a verification code will be forward to your email.

Copy the codes sent to your email and login to your MP3 box music download client and keep downloading MP3 with the MP3 downloader app.

Last Fm MP3 Songs Free Download Site

If you love to stream MP3 online before download then you will have to check through what Last Fm have you. On last Fm you can live stream MP3 on the site and listen to latest hits music.

Download songs

All that you need to do to download music from is to simply search for the song to download and click on download button and the song will be downloaded. It’s however one of the easiest website to live stream MP3 songs online.

To enjoy MP3 website and be able to explore the entire feature of the website, you will have to sign up for an account in just few steps.

Audiomack MP3 Songs Free Download

Audiomack is specially designed for music lover and music bloggers. What you can do on Audiomack is far more than just to download music and live stream music online.

On this website, you can create your music collection playlist and also as a music blogger, you can embed any MP3 into your blog for your reader to download and enjoy.

Free music download

For more convenient navigation, Audiomack songs download built an easy to navigate website where you can easily download music for free and or free music download website without music downloader app of any sort.

Bonus MP3 Songs Free Download Sites

The below sites are bonus MP3 songs free download website that we use often but don’t really know we can download music from. They are added as a bonus MP3 songs download sites to check once in a while.

1. YouTube

This is sounds weird right? Well, what most people know YouTube for is video search engine. But YouTube does more than that. On YouTube, you can stream live football match, upload your own video and earn more, etc. and lately, you just found YouTube as MP3 song free download site with this post.

The Mp3 musics search engine you can always relate to is YouTube video search engine. And if you don’t believe this, let’s take a walk on how to download free Mp3 music from YouTube music search engine.

How to Download Free MP3 Songs on YouTube

If you choose YouTube as your MP3 download site, you may want to follow the steps below to download your favorite MP3 musics.

What you do with YouTube music is to simply convert your desired video to an MP3 and download it to your device

1. Visit YouTube official website which you may not necessary login to before you can listen and download MP3 from YouTube.

2. Search for the video of the music you want to download and copy the video URL

3. Visit savefrom or download the plugin for Chrome or Mozilla on PC depending on your browser an


Do not be surprise that you can download music for free on Amazon site. The first thing that come to internet users’ mind is that Amazon is only an online e-commerce website where buy and selling takes place, meanwhile another feature of Amazon is tons of free music that can be downloaded fro free without music downloader.

The only limitation to Amazon songs is that you will not be granted access to download latest hits for free but notwithstanding, on Amazon you will have access to millions of MP3 songs you can download for free.

With the hugeness of Amazon music section, you may have a kind of difficulties in getting to the root of your desire music except you use the music search section to search for your desired amazon songs and then download.

MP3 Songs Free Download on Amazon Site

Don’t forget we say Amazon only give access to some kind of old songs and not the latest one, however if you choose to download Amazon MP3 free music, the follow step covers the required few steps.

1. Visit Amazon the giant E-commerce website and click on genre you need to the left side

2. Sort the MP3 according to your needs which could either be artist, songs, album or time and then preview the song you want to download before you click on save

3. Once you have saved the MP3 on your amazon account, and click on the yellow free button to download your MP3 song from Amazon.

You can repeat this procedure to download more MP3 songs from Amazon.


Don’t be surprise that we have Wikipedia as one of the sites where you can download MP3 musics without MP3 downloader. Everything on Wikipedia is free, including the MP3 you want to download most especially for Vivaldi’s Four seasons lover.

However, the  limitation of Wikipedia to download MP3 is the wacky navigation of the site and inability to identify the name of the download MP3 before playing. However, to learn how to download songs from Wikipedia checkout our music downloader page.

These are just a bonus sites for MP3 songs free download that you may not know that exists,

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