How to Install Google Play Store App on PC & on Mobile

Google play store app is sometimes the best place to search and install Android app on our Android phone. Checking through play store, you will find out that there are tons of free apps you can install directly to your Android phone with just single click.

Play store plays a major role in the life of every Android app developer and also in the life of every Android users.

Meanwhile, if you can’t develop an app and upload it to play store, you should be able to download play store app and appreciate the life of the programmer. Nevertheless, it is not only play store app that makes life richer for Android user, apk apps does.

You can also talk about Android apk app that can be installed on Android when installed from unknown source on your Android phone is enabled. However, it is also worth taking note that Google play store app can also be installed directly to your Android phone from PC.

Supposing you are searching through play store and you come across an app you think will be of great benefits to you and you want to download it in the absence of your Android phone, Google play store features enables you to install it directly and it will be installed on your Android phone the moment you connected it to the internet.

If you mistakenly uninstall play store app from your device or by mistake you can’t explain Google app where about on your phone and you want to install Google play apk app, then here in this post you will learn what Google play store app is all about, how to install play store app, how to download from it on your Android phone and how to install app from Google store to your PC

Play Store app

What is Google play store app?

Play store app is a Google Android builtin app for downloading and installing apps from Google play store directly to your Android phone without necessarily needs to use mobile browser.

On Google store, you can paid for good and service using this app just following the same procedure on PC. The apps offers a handy way to handle play store app content on your mobile, however it is expected that every new Android phone should have play store app installed on it by default.

How to Install Google Play Store App Manually

There two ways to install play store Android app which either by downloading directly from Google store or install the Google store apk app.

Meanwhile, we are not interested in installing the play store apk app, rather the official app but once you mistaken uninstalled the app, the only means I have used in the past is installing apk of the app.

Once you install the apk app of Google store app, you are back on track and you can start exploring the app like before.

The official installation of Play store on your device amount to you upgrading your app to the current version so as to be free any form of bugs and security issue

 How to Install Apps From Google Play Store From PC to Android

Many at time we come across Android app we treasured so much on PC which we need to have a taste of on our Android but once our device isn’t within our reach, we will have to wait till later time until we have access to it.

Meanwhile we don’t have to wait until our device is within our reach, we can install it on our PC and it will install to out Gmail account associated play store account.

Following the steps below you will be able to install apps from Google store directly to your phone.

1. Visit Google store and search for your the app you want to install and click on install button in front of it.

Google play store app

2. A pop window will pops up, kindly select the name of your device from the drop menu and click on install.

Google play store app

3. And the app will install on your Android the moment you are connected to the internet. Irrespective of how long it takes you to connect your device to the internet, it will auto install the moment you have internet connection on your phone.

How to Install Android App From Google Play Store App

If you have Google store app installed already on your device or the apk app is installed on your device, you can download any app of your choice instead of you opening browser to download the app.

1. Locate and launch the Google store app from your installed app and click on search and type the name of the app and hits the search button

Google Play Store App

2. Click on the app and click on install button on the new page that follows

Google Play Store App

3. Accept to install the app on your device for the app to start downloading and after successful download, it will install itself.

Google Play Store App

That is it… Enjoy the Play store app service.

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