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Let have fun with how to watch movies online free with HD app on Android phone today. To day is not my birthday you know but just chilling with few amazing apps on my smartphone lately to stream movies free online.

Here I shared top 10 Movie apps for Android and iOS. I cannot only download latest movies with it, search for my favorite movies but I also watch latest movies without registration on most of the apps.

For the time being movies has became an integral part of human life and we find plaeasure seeing movies day and night. The moment I feel lazing powering my laptop to see some new movies I grab my smartphone and start streaming live movies. Thanks to Glo subscription.

The only disadvantage of using most of these apps is that its drain battery quickly but here is how to double your device battery and it often become hot. So it seems I got all the facilities to watch movies online right? You too can and you will at the end of this post.

So, here in this post you will get the best of these movies app to stream movies online at any hours of the day provided there is internet connection.

How to Watch Movies Online on Smartphone

Here in this post I will share with you the best movies app to stream movies online. Meanwhile the post will contain both paid and free movies app to enjoy free movies online.

1. Netflix

watch movies online

Netflix is my favorite app to watch movies online with one month free subscription. Netflix movies site is one of the best free movies sites with thousands of movies to watch for free for the first month. If you have not heard of how to watch movies online with Netflix read a complete guide I published on how to create a free Netflix account and watch online movies for free.

Meanwhile if you followed the above steps on how to create a free Netflix account and watch latest movies online for a whole month then go ahead and download Netflix app for smartphone and start streaming movies live on your smartphone.

2. Mobdro

watch movies online

Mobdro is another Android that is popularly known to watch football live online at no cost and registration. The only way you can decide to subscribe to Mobdro premium user is when you are interested in streaming special program on Mobdro.

Another interesting  features of Mobdro is to watch live movies for free just the way you can watch live football with it on your Android. Mobdro is an Android apk file to stream live movies online on your Android phone free without registration.

All you need to stream live movies on Mobdro apk Android app when installed is an internet connection. It doesn’t consume much data and in fact, it doesn’t consume so much of your device memory.

3. ShowBox

watch movies online

Far before now I have also had an encounter with ShowBox movies app. It’s one of the most talked Android app to watch free movies online for all Android users. The amazing part of ShowBox Android app is that its extends it TV series show to Desktop users.

The mystery behind ShowBox not being popular is that the app cannot be found in Google play store. The app is an Android apk file to stream movies live online.

To get the best movie to watch simply search for your favorite movies via the search box and you are good to go watch the movies at no cost and all for free.

4. Crackle

watch movies online

Not quiet long I started using Crackle free movies app for Android that I dropped it because I couldn’t download favorite movies with it.

But if you are not just concern to download movies using crackle that you just want to watch movies free online with the app this app is highly recommended. Crackle isn’t a great competitor for ShowBox above because you couldn’t download movies with it.

But if you only want to stream movies online on your smartphone without download, Crackle is definitely an app for you. You need to check it out.

Meanwhile Crackle is an authorized Google play store app to stream movies live online for free and without registration.

5. TubiTv

watch movies online

TubiTv is currently the latest Android TV app to stream live movies and TV series online lately. It’s quiet difficult to come-by an app with average rating of 4.5/5 user satisfaction.

And that is what TubiTv app got from most users and as a result I can testify to it as an amazing free app to watch movies online for free and without registration.

For those that can’t go for Netflix free movies app you need to give TubiTV a trial. With free access you can search TubiTV database for over 40,000 free movies and TV series to stream live without registration and at no cost.

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