Replace YouTube by 10Convert to Convert YouTube to MP3

10Convert offers the fastest and easiest approach to download YouTube video as MP3 and grab a copy of YouTube MP4 without adding ss to the video URL or without changing the video URL. 10Convert YouTube downloader website work different from other websites to download YouTube MP4 and MP3 respectively.

10Convert is unlike other YouTube converter websites where you can only convert and download a YouTube video whose video length is not more than 2 hours. You can easily convert YouTube video to MP3 even if the video length is more than 2 hours.

The 10Convert YouTube to MP3 conversion rate is unlimited and it converts faster than almost all YouTube to MP3 converter website I have used in the paste.

This YouTube to MP3 converter work in a very simple and smart way. We’ve previously shared here on this website how to download YouTube video changing URL, how to convert YouTube to MP3 using SS trick, how to download YouTube video with copy and paste techniques, and here today I’m going to share with you some amazing move to rip MP3 from YouTube video and download YouTube MP4 with the best and highest video resolution.

What is 10Convert?

This is a web-based tool which helps to download and convert YouTube video to other musical output formats such as MP3, 3gp within a very short period of time.

The YouTube to MP3 converter tool helps to convert YouTube whose length is longer than 2 hours into an MP3 without breaking.

This implies that with the way the 10convert website is designed you can simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL whose length is more than 2 hours into the website click to convert option and rip the MP4-MP3 off it. You can also search for the YouTube video you want to download using the platform YouTube search button to download any YouTube video.

With the 10convert feature, you can convert YouTube video to MP3 and save it on the website via playlist to access it where you are out of internet coverage.

Also, when you have stranded with the latest and trending music that YouTubers are converting to MP3 you can just scroll to 10convert website bottom page and see the most converted video on YouTube using this flexible but effective tool.

How to Download YouTube Video as MP3 Using 10Convert

Shortly after 10YouTube was shut down, 10Convert came into being rendering a free service to download YouTube video for free. Follow the procedure below you will be able to download YouTube video and convert the video to MP3 so you can listen to the music as a background song on your smartphone.

1. Open any browser and go to YouTube website to search for the video you want to download for free

2. Hover your mouse over the video URL and edit the video URL by deleting YouTube from the URL and replace it with 10convert and then hit the enter button.

10Convert YouTube downloader

3. You will be redirected away from YouTube to homepage with a download button. Then click on the download button in front of the video output to download. The video can be downloaded as MP3, MPHD, MP3medium, MP3small, and 3GP.


4. 10convert will start converting your YouTube video to MP3 and once the conversion is done the MP3 will start downloading.


5. Once the download is begun you will see “download process started”

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