5 Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android Users

Do you need automatic call recorder apps for your Android to keep eyes on every of your phone conversations?

If yes, you have come to the right place where you will learn most things you need to record calls on Android while on phone conversation automatically.

Although there is a feature on most Android phone for call recorder without using any third party app but for those Android devices without builtin call recorder app, this post will provide a better alternation to record call automatically and also for those that would love to use apps instead.

Automatic call recorder app came into limelight back them during the era of Symbian phones, and I could remember I used recorder app on my Nokia N95 but unfortunately no one is reckoning with Symbian phone now, let alone to use any app to record calls on it.

However, if you have never make use of recorder app before you landed on this post, you will find this post useful and you will be able to automatic record calls on your Android phone using automatic recorder app.

Some people see recording calls during conversation as being illegal but I see it as a better way to win an argument but funny enough only few people engaged in recording phone calls.

And since you can find app for call recorder in play store I believe it is not really illegal to record calls even without your opponent agreement but the best way to record calls on Android is to record calls automatically the moment you pick an incoming call.

This post will address how to record calls manually using your Android phone builtin call recorder feature, and then consider top notch automatic call recorder app for Android user through Google play store.

Automatic call recorder

How to Enable Automatic Call Recorder Feature on Android

If your Android phone support call recorder when you picked an incoming calls, then you may not have any single reason to install call recorder app again if you prefer manual phone call recording process to automatic.

Nevertheless, you can still check out the Android app for phone call recording automatically but here we first discuss how to record calls manually on your Android device.

1. When there is an incoming call on your phone that you want to record, first click on answer call option to pick the call

2. Click on 3-dots to the right of your receiving call screen and scroll down to select start recording and your conversation will start recording instantly.

automatic call recorder

The only disadvantage of this process is that you cannot auto record incoming calls.

Recommended List of Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android

There are some apps for Android users that can be use to record calls automatically, and here in this section we will consider top Android recorder app that can be used to record mobile incoming calls.

I have a proof to tell you am currently using three of these automatic call recorder app, so I can tell you how they all work meanwhile none is really better than the other. They virtually do the same job which is to record both incoming or outgoing calls on your Android.

automatic call recorder

1. Automatic Call Recorder

This is one of the best Android call recorder apps with the aim to give you absolute control over the kind of calls you record the moment the call came in and when you are about to put a call through to a fellas.

This app is a paid app found in free app section with 1 year free trial and you can as well use the automatic call recorder app as a voice recorder aside the official assignment which is to record calls on Android mobiles.

automatic call recorder

The app is extremely easy to configure so that it will auto record calls on your device and below is how to set the app to auto call recorder.

1. Once you download and install the app on your device, launch the app and accept terms and condition.

2. Swipe the app to the left and click on settings, enable record calls to turn automatic call recording feature.

3. Click on record settings  and set your audio format to a desired one and adjust the delay to an appropriate time.

This app is the most downloaded call recorder app in play store with over 1 million downloads. The only disadvantage of the app is the pup up ads for free trial.

If you want to stop the ads from show you then have to upgrade your app to a pro version.

2. Call Recorder – ACR

ACR Android call recorder is a bit equipped compared to auto call recording app above. It’s also a paid call recorder app in free app in play store. Once the app is installed a welcome message will pop up to tell you about recording calls legality which you have to accept to as term and condition.

You don’t really need much settings to use this app by default but you can play around with the app to effect the record settings, restore any deleted recorded calls, resolve recording issues and save your recorded calls to cloud.

automatic call recorder

More so, you can protect your recorded calls with a private PIN as a master password to access auto record calls. The automatic call recorder app is in different language but set to English by default.

3. Automatic Call Recorder App

The advantage this app has over other is the ability to input user’s information with device memory management. This seems to be a special automatic call recorder app with a little bit of configuration procedure.

It’s actually a paid call recorder app but in free store. Meanwhile, the free doesn’t show a pop up ads which makes it a better one.

automatic call recorder

You can save recorded call on Google drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With this app, you can set your own time limit for each call record and the moment it exceeds that the call history will be erased automatically.

4. Automatic Phone Call Recorder

I actually don’t want to talk about this call recorder app but I found something so interesteing in it which is ‘shake to record’ feature. What this feature does is that it lets your recorder app set recording calls automatically even when you don’t set it to auto call record.

The moment you shake you phone and it is not set to automatic recording, it will pick up the automatic recording feature and start recording the call.

automatic call recorder

And the audio  quality is another thing you want to know about. It enables you to select the best audio output  for you records from low quality to high quality and audio format as well.

The feature of these call recorder app are numerous and can’t be fully understood in a night. The more you play around the better you understand how it works.

Do you have an automatic call recorder that you have used or still using that wasn’t included in the list? Kindly share it with us using the comment box.

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