Bluetooth App Sender: How to Send Apps on Android Easily

What if I just decided to show you my favorite Bluetooth app sender without a lease so that you can easily send installed fills on your Android phone without the raw file, just the installed icon?

You should remember Xender app, a better alternative to Share it, Flash share and like that in that lineage but to Bluetooth app sender is better to some extent.

The number of apps you can test run on your Android are numerous, and coming out with the list of best Android apps need a considerable attention.

What Bluetooth sender does is very simple, and it doesn’t use Wi-Fi connection like Share it and other file transfer apps rather it uses your Android builtin Bluetooth.

Isn’t this great that you are going to learn the new thing about your Android phone Bluetooth today?

One thing that gladdens my heart about Sender app is the availability of the app in both apk form and in Google play store. So, if you can’t install Bluetooth app sender directly from Google play store you should be able to install the apk Bluetooth sender of it.

Isn’t that great?

Well, let quickly take a look at the usefulness of Bluetooth application on your Android device.

Bluetooth App Sender: What is The Usefulness of Bluetooth Application?

Before we got to know about Android file transfer apps such as Flashshare, Shareit, Xender etc., we are used to Bluetooth and Infrared for transferring files which takes to forever to transfer a copy of files less that 100MB which newly innovated file transfer apps made it so easy to transfer even larger files in few minutes.

Nevertheless, the power of phone Bluetooth inbuilt feature cannot be cast away and one of the reason you need to know Bluetooth may have to remain forever as part of mobile features is the use of this Bluetooth app sender which makes use of your device inbuilt Bluetooth application to sender files on your smartphone desktop easily.

Bluetooth app sender enables you to transfer files directly from your device desktop to other phone through Bluetooth, email and to most notable online cloud storage such asĀ  Dropbox, Facebook, Slack etc.

The core benefit of the Bluetooth sender is that you no longer have to keep install-able files on your phone since you can send the installed version to other phones and it will still work.

Download and Install Bluetooth App Sender on Your Android

The Bluetooth app is available in Apk file and can be downloaded straight from Google store.

Meanwhile, it all depends on your choice of where to download the Bluetooth application but whichever way you choose to follow you will achieve the same result following this procedure.

I have covered lately the best method to install apk file from PC directly to your Android which you can check out or how to install Google store app directly on your Android.

More so, the source to download your app Bluetooth will be shared at the end of the tutorial for easy understand.

How to Transfer Apps Using Bluetooth App Sender

This is the exact method I used to transfer my apps to another Android users that through Bluetooth app without Bluetooth app installed.

You too can simply emulate the same procedure to transfer your installed app to your friends and family through Bluetooth, whatsapp, Email, Sender, Shareit, Flahsshare, Facebook etc., using your device built-in Bluetooth application.

1. Launch the Bluetooth app on your device and the app will load all your installed app in alphabetical order.

Bluetooth app sender

2. Click on the app you want to send to another phone. You can select multiple apps at the same time to save time and click on send icon.

Bluetooth app sender

3. From the list of pop up menu select where you want to send the files selected to and then click on send button to send the apps via Bluetooth. Here I intend forwarding it to a Facebook friend.

Bluetooth app sender

That is all… Share it if it worth it…

Download Bluetooth App Sender Apk file and From Play store

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