5+ Most Popular Websites to Download Free Music Online

Do you want to download free music online? If yes, congratulations to you because you will go home with most popular website for free music download online in this post today.

As human, music as become an integral part of our life this day to the extent that the demand for where to download free music has increased exponentially and passion for music is still growing.

It’s in has become one of human nature to now move around with headset or handfree listening to music around. And with this you may want to ask where do they get there free music to download. The more classic music you can listen to the better chance you have to sharpen your mind toward the message of the music.

So, which music fan are? Raggae, Hip-Hop, Afro, R&B…. Just name you will get them on any of these sites in the name of the top notch download free music websites we shared here.

Our condition for this top free music download sites is to collate them based on Alexa rank not more than 2,000K in the world.

There are millions of free music download search engine where you can easily search for your favorite and download for free and without registration but this post will only concentrate one best music sites.

Without mincing words, some of these music search engines upload pirated music for searcher to download and thus swiped them away from music download industry. Hope you have heard about MP3 skulls music search engine?

So, if you don’t want to fall a victim of downloading a pirated music to infringe artists and producers right, here are the most popular sites you can download free music without registration for Android, iPod, iPhone, Windows phone, and PC.

Download Free Music Online

Most Popular Sites to Download Free Music Online

We all know that competition is found everywhere, even in music industry and going for the best it has to be streamline down to so many metrics. So, the list of our top websites to download music at no cost and without registration will be based on Alexa rank metric.

1. Download Free Music on  Yahoo Music Site

Yahoo music search engine is our first most popular websites to download free music without even owning a Yahoo mail account. Yahoo offers a huge collection of music database to search from and download for free.

Unlike Pandora music search engine there is no restriction to where your can download Yahoo music from.

Both free old and new music are available for download for free and without registration. Currently, Yahoo music download site is rated according to Alexa rank top 5 in the world for Yahoo as the domain.

2. Download Free Music on Spotify

Spotify music download site is just like Pandora. It has a huge collection of free music to download but restricted to some countries. Most African countries find it extremely difficult to use Spotify download free music online site to download MP3 songs.

Yet they offer a huge collection of music search based. However, if you are inclined with Spotify music site and you know how to use VPN you will find it extremely easy to download music from Spotify on your Android, iPhone, iPod and even PC/Mac.

Currently Spotify is ranked 210 among the most visited websites in the world according to Alexa rank.

3. Download Free Music on Soundcloud

Soundcloud music download site is a big guy in the industry. Soundcloud on its own is a music search home for music lover from different artist. If you ever want to download latest MP3 songs online for Android, iPhone and iPod you should always checkout Soundcloud music search engine.

According to Alexa rank, Soundcloud music download site is ranked 124 in the world and ranked

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4. Download Free Music on Pandora

Pandora is one the most popular music site in the world even before the death of MP3skulls. It’s a huge collection of music search database. Funny enough Pandora music download site is only available in just 3 countries, U.S.,Australia, and New Zealand.

Meanwhile you can still download any music from Pandora using VPN and set your country IP to one of the available countries IP address. Currently, Pandora is rated 355 in world and 35 in US according to Alexa.

5. iHeart Free Music Download Site

iHeart is a huge collection of free MP3 songs from different category such as Country, Hip Hop and R&B, Alternative, Classic rock, soft rock, Mix & Variety etc and listen to radio live online.

If you are an artist using iHeart you can easily upload your own music for others to download. According to Alexa rank iHeart free MP3 songs download site is ranked 1459 most popular websites in the world.

6. Download Free Music on Tunein

Tunein is an amazing website to download free music online. The list of music you can listen to on Tunein is endless starting from online radio, find streaming music radio and streaming talk radio with Tunein.

The best guide to every type of radio: conservative, progressive, public, news, sports, religious, jazz, classical, rock, country, business, latin, hip-hop, pop, adult contemporary, and more.

The best of Tunein comes in where you are able to search for music and download it at no cost and for free. The music search in built in such a way that you can easily search your music of interest based on genre, artist, song title etc.

According to Alexa rank, Tunein music search engine is ranked 1460 in the world.

And here you go, these top websites are not limited but we only considered best websites to download free music Alexa rank less that 2,000. In subsequent update we will add to this page to keep it up to date. Kindly stay tune for pupdate

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