How to Save YouTube Kids Video Offline on Android and iOS

YouTube kids is a YouTube channel is designed for kids who access YouTube video to learn one or two things which are different from YouTube for adults.

The YouTube kids feature videos for kids, music for kids, cartoons for kids, games for kids and lot more. Meanwhile, the special channel for kids on YouTube is subject to parental guides as to what is allowed on your kids iPad, Android, iPhone, iPod, Windows phone and lot more.

The YouTube kids control what you kids do on YouTube with or without your consent once you have set up your YouTube parental guidance on YouTube. To learn more about YouTube kids parental guide please refer to this.

Therefore, as a parent, instead of seeing your kids accessing the normal YouTube video hosting site you should henceforth channel them to YouTube for kids.

How Do I Create a YouTube Kids account for a child?

YouTube has a special means for kids to access YouTube and watch millions of videos and learn a new day on a daily routine. However, the YouTube platform for kids is different from normal YouTube for adults.

There, to create a YouTube account for a child you need a parental consent before you can go ahead with the procedure. However, you need not open a new Gmail account for your child.

As a parent, you will be asked to log in to your Gmail account when you want to create a YouTube account for your child with the YouTube kids app.

Following the tutorial below you will be able to create a YouTube account for your child for free without even attaining the age of 13. In this guide, I created a YouTube kid account for my boy who is just 10 years old.

1. Launch the YouTube kids app you installed on your kids’ device

2. Click on get started button to access your first-time free trial YouTube kids membership account

YouTube Kids App

3. Enter your year of birth to verify that you are a parent  and click on the confirm button to confirm your age

YouTube Kids App

4.  Sign in to the YouTube for app using your Gmail and password as a parent to set up the app for your kid

5. Read and make sure you understand the parent guide consent by scrolling to the button of the page to confirm

YouTube Kids App

6. Enter your Gmail password to confirm your Gmail account and click on the confirm tab afterward

7. Create your kid’s profile by entering the name and date of birth

YouTube Kids App

8.  Click on either turn on or turn off YouTube kids search option depending on what you want you kids to do with the app. Meanwhile, you need to know that when you turn on your kid will have access to millions of YouTube kids and allowed them to search for more content.

9. Follow the on-screen to complete your kid’s profile by clicking the arrow button

YouTube Kids App

And now you have successfully created your kids YouTube kids account or profile as you may want to call it

How Do You Get YouTube Kids?

Before you can start using YouTube for kids you need to download and install YouTube for kids app. There is a YouTube for kids app for Android and iOS. First, download and install the YouTube kids app on your kids’ device and follow the steps below to get access to YouTube kids music, cartoons, music, games, movies, and others.

1. Launch the YouTube kids app on your iOS or Android phone [Your kid’s phone] and follow the approaches above to create a YouTube account for your kid.

2. Click  the lock button at the bottom right of the app [Landscape or portrait mode]

3. Enter the numbers in words on your phone screen or create your own passcode

4. Click on the settings gear icon

YouTube kids

5. On your kid’s YouTube account settings click Activate YouTube red to activate your child’s YouTube account.

Once you have activated your child YouTube account your child will be able to access the entire YouTube kids videos including YouTube kids music, cartoons, games, holiday videos and many others.

How to Save YouTube Kids Video Offline on Android and iOS

The moment you have successfully set up your kid’s YouTube account you can further enlightened him or her on how to save YouTube kids video on his or her Android or iOS device. Meanwhile, for your kids to use YouTube on PC they will need no parental guide or control if it has not set-up before.

Following the explicit guide below you will be able to save YouTube kids on Android and iOS device offline for latest viewing.

1. Open the YouTube kids’ app logged into your child’s account

2. Select the YouTube section you want to explore and click on the video collections you want to save videos from swapping the video channel indicator

3. Click on the 3-dots on the video and select save offline so you can watch it offline.

YouTube kids

Note: The YouTube kids offline saving only work on single video and not on a kids’ video channel.

They are so many other things you can do with your kid’s YouTube account. You can create a secret password, block videos on the account, add more than a kid to the same device, view videos you kids are watching, and do all sort of parental guiding via the YouTube app for kids.