Download YouTube Videos in HD “High Definition”

They’re various of ways to download YouTube videos in HD.  You can download high definition video from YouTube using Browser’s plugin to grab video, you can also download YouTube video in high definition changing the video URL and be redirected to a website where a download button will be integrated into.

The way YouTube is designed you can only watch and play videos on the platform. Most videos on YouTube are HD videos because they’re uploaded by a professional videographer with quality filmmaking equipment. However, if you have come across a YouTube video you’d love to download in high definition here is a post for you.

Few of the popular browser’s extension to download YouTube video in HD include Save From plugin, video downloader professional, video downloadhelper.

The SaveFrom net plugin integrated a download button to YouTube video with an option to choose what to download whether you are interested in HD or low video definition. With the same from plugin, you have the grace to download and convert YouTube video to MP3.

Here we have talked endlessly on how to download YouTube video using SS in the video URL, how to download a video using save from .net, how to download YouTube using website, and how to convert YouTube video using save from.

If you are new to video downloader helper you need to know it’s one of my favorite tool to download YouTube video is the best video quality. There is no download button integrated into YouTube video to download a video using this plugin. For this plugin to work, you must start to play the video and the tool will identify the video on the page and turn the disc icon to a download option to download.

Video downloader helper is my favorite because it can download videos from Twitter and download video from any web page different from YouTube and Facebook. This tool download video in the exact quality the video is uploaded to either the website or Facebook. Here, I have covered the step by step procedure to download a video using this tool.

How to Download YouTube videos in HD Using SaveFrom Site

SaveFrom is a standalone website to download YouTube videos in HD using copy and paste procedure. While this work perfects on a computer you can download SaveFrom APK app for your Android phone. In my next post, I’ll share the step by step procedure to download and install SaveFrom APK app for Android.

1. Go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download in high definition[HD]. There is no need to download and install any software.

2. Filter the video result to be only HD video” Filter>Features>HD (High definition)” and copy the video URL after filtered.

YouTube Videos in HD “High Definition

Note: Once filtered all video will be high definition videos

3. Open a new tab and visit “” and paste the HD video URL in the column provided.

Download YouTube in HD

4. SaveFrom website will auto sync the video from YouTube in high definition as a filter from above with a download button.

Download YouTube in HD

5. Click the drop menu to select the video definition output from the drop and click download button to start downloading your video in high definition.

Filtering YouTube videos in HD might take some time depending on your internet connection. Once filtered you can always follow this approach to download the video in HD with good video quality.

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