Top Extratorrents Site Alternative to Download Torrent Files

How often do you used torrent sites most especially extratorrent or extra torrents? When talking about popular torrent sites is one with tons of torrent files. Before extra-torrent came into limelight we know of Limetorrent, Kickass, Privatebay and some other top torrent sites.

Meanwhile if you are new to what is torrent all about you will find this post so strange. However we will take a look at what is torrent later. But before then there are some sites with exact same features like extratorrents.

Meaning that you can download torrent files from these site free as a leecher. Also, if you have some interesting movies, MP3, audio, songs etc you can upload into most of these torrent sites for others to download.

However having it in mind that extra torrents is not the most visited torrent sites on the net. We have few other sites that are exactly like extratorrents where you can download large files (torrent files).

Here in this post you will get to know few other sites like extratorrents where you can download torrent files free.


What is Extratorrent Site?

Extra torrent or extratorrent is where leechers or users download huge files online either on phone or on PC. These sites are meant to upload files such as video, MP3, songs, audio etc for leechers to download.

To have a concrete knowledge about extratorrent you can checkout this article that talked  about what is torrent .

10 Most Popular Extratorrent Alternatives

These are tons of Torrent site. And due to constant shut down of most Torrent site for policy violation makes it difficult to come out with the best. However we have been able to compiled the list of top extra torrents alternatives as at this moment. Just check them out and tell us what you feel.

1. Thepiratebay

Pirate bay Torrent site is one of the most popular Torrent site that quickly replaced Kickass Torrent site. Pirate bay isn’t just a leading Torrent site but a best alternative to Extratorrent to download latest Torrent files such as movies, TV shows, MP3s, Audios etc. Down my heart I will take piratebay Torrent site over others. Just check it for it worth your time. With an Alexa ranking of 132 worldwide you don’t need any further conviction that the pirate bay is the best alternative Extra torrents site.


3. Torrentz2u

There above we recommend the pirate bay as the best torrent sites for extra torrent. If you doubt it then check out Torrentz2u. Here is another amazing website to download Torrent files with just a simple look. If you ever have passion for simplicity Torrentz2u will convinced you to its side. With a current Alexa ranking of 520 there is not doubt that Torrentz2u is a perfect alternative to extratorrent.


4. TorrentFunk

With over 9 million verified Torrent files and an average of 300 Torrent files upload daily you know there is something to checkout in there. Torrent funk is one of the best Torrent search engine with tons of daily visitors searching to download Torrent files.

With an Alexa ranking of 3,173 as at this time you know that it will be great to refer to Torrent funk as a better alternative to


5. Torlock

Torlock is yet another best Torrent site for downloading Torrent files. Torlock have been in the game for long and it has gathered momentum to survive most of its competitors. At torlock tons of Torrent files are uploaded daily but they are all subject of verification before is live for users to download. If you don’t want to miss much of extratorrent to download Torrent files you can check out Torlock. With an Alexa ranking of 4,721 at this time you may want to give it a trial.


6. Demonoid

In the world of Torrent, survival is for the fittest. Seeing Demonoid as one of the best Torrent site is a great job. With virus free Torrent site upload daily on Dnoid it’s indeed a worth alternative to Extratorrents.

Demonoid is a forum Torrent webpage for user to upload Torrent files for other to download. Another fantastic feature of Demonoid Torrent is the team vetting uploaded files to ensure it’s free from virus. With Alexa ranking of 7,800 as at this time it’s going places and it tells you that it is extratorrent alternative to take a look into.


7. Speedpeer

Speedpeer is a fast growing Torrent sites started in 2014. And with in 2 year Speedpeer has grown to compete with top Torrent site. Speedpeer is a virus free Torrent site with tons of Torrent files such as videos, audios, MP3s, TV shows etc to download. In most cases, Speedpeer provide a link to a Torrent files in case they don’t host the file on their server. However it worth taking as a better alternative to extra torrents cc with an Alexa ranking of 8,843 as at this time.



Don’t be surprised that Kat Torrent site is another alternative to Extra torrent to download Torrent files. With Alexa ranking of 9,147 as at this time it really worth considering. At kat torrent site you have access to download latest torrent such as movies, audios, MP3 etc.

To see what Kat torrent got for you in full just click on see full page to the top left of Kat torrent homepage.


Which of the Torrent sites do you prefer over extratorrent? Kindly drop your comment about these Torrent site or extratorrents cc site.

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