How to Download Extratorrents Movies With Bittorent Client

We previously talked about extratorrent alternatives, and now how to download extratorrents movies. What you will learn here is basically how to download extra torrents movies from PC or desktop without registration and free using Bittorrent.

Extra torrents is one of the best Torrent sites with Alexa ranking of 211. In the world of downloading Torrent files one must be conscious of virus affected files to play safe. That is the more reason we are looking into  today.

However extratorrent has proved to be one of those Torrent sites without affected files on its database ever since we got to know it. is like other Torrent sites where leechers download files and subject its to admin vetting before live. And over time we found out that most poeple don’t know how to download extratorrents movies using Bittorrent client. Some don’t even know how to use Bittorrent.

In fact most Extra torrent users don’t really know about using Bittorrent client to download Torrent files.

This post is going to be short and precise and it will centered on how to download extra torrents movies using a Torrent software called Bittorrent client.

extratorrents movies

How to Download Extratorrents Movies Using Bittorrent Client

This post will reveal to you everything you need to know on how to download latest Extra torrents files, browse for your favorite files and finally, download extratorrents movies without registration.

1. Download and Install Bittorrent client for PC and or Android phone. You can restart your device but it is not compulsory.

2. Visit Extratorrent file download site and search for the files you want to download with Bittorrent. Right click on the file and copy the URL.

extratorrents movies

3. Click on the hyperlink icon on your Bittorent client and paste the file URL you copied from Extra torrents. Then click OK to start downloading your Torrent file.

extratorrents movies

Note:  On so many occasions you may get error encoding. There is nothing to much about that. Just make sure you internet connection is averagely Ok and be so sure that you copied the right code from your Torrent site.

This procedure can be used to download Torrents movies from any Torrent site. Here is a list of most popular Torrent sites as at this hour of the day.

How to Hide Your IP While Download Extratorrents Movies

On so many occasions you may want to hide your IP address while browsing a Torrent site. This is advisable as it protects your IP address from being traced, and also keep you safer from hacker. However there are quiet a reasonable number of sites to hide your IP. Here is a list of 350+ sites to unlock torrents sites.

Here we will talk on how to hide your IP using free VPN. It’s free and you are free to use.

1. The moment you landed on extratorrent site a warning message will pops as seen in the image below.

extratorrents movies

2. Click on the second option that says ” Extratorrent strongly recommends using to anonymize your torrenting. That is advisable though but you may be prompted to make payment after free trial.

extratorrents movies

3. So if you want to surf the torrent site free you can either use the free trial or always go for VPN or use free site to hide your IP address.

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