Extratorrents: The Top Most Popular Extra torrents Sites

This is another episode of best extratorrents sites to download extra torrents file for free. For extra torrent sites you can download you favorite torrent without any issue.

In case you are unable to download your favorite extratorrent file such as movies, songs, MP3, music etc here is a post for you.

Just take your time to check out how to unblock extratorrent and start surfing torrent site again.

These top most popular extratorrents sites are filtered from 2015 torrent sites manually which took over a week to gather. Needless say that you will enjoy downloading using any of these extra torrents site.


Most Popular Extratorrents Download Sites

It’s a known fact that selecting best torrent site for downloading files is not an easy take. But we took the stress on ourselves to come up with the best sites to download extra torrents files for free.

Before we get to business we have covered how to download extra torrent files with Bittorrent and how to enable extratorrent unblock me on torrent site.

At the end of this article kindly leave a comment on your best extratorrent site for downloading torrent files if you are a leacher or as a peer. We will love to rub minds together with you to enjoy extra torrent together.

Another point to note here is that these extra torrents sites are free from malware, virus, trojan and any other forms of attack at the time of writing this post.

1. The Private Bay


There is a rumor that Google planned to pull private bay extra torrent site to the other side of the aisle. Nevertheless, private bay torrent site is an amazing site to download extratorrent file without any issue.

Available files to download from private bay is not limited to only movies. You can also download games for PC, Android games, MP3, audio etc for free.

2. Yify


Kickass torrent site is supposed to be our next best extratorrents site but it got its butt kicked off. As an extra torrent download site it has a cool interface with a welcome homepage on everything you can download from the site.

We filtered Yify torrent site as one of the best and most popular extratorrents site for leachers because of it sudden rise ahead of its competitors.

One of the reasons you will want to go with Yify torrent site will be due to availability of hundreds of HD quality movies.

If your download speed is quiet low while downloading using Yify you can simply turn on tracker on the site to know more about your files download speed.



This is another virus free extratorrents site to download extra torrents files. This torrent site is actually a forum where users share virus free files for other to download. The site is more or less a movies download zone. Right at the homepage you can check out the best movies with a full team monitoring contaminated files on the site.

5. Lime Torrent


Lime torrent site came into limelight because of the site health filter meter. If you have no single reason to use any of the extratorrents site listed above you should consider Lime torrent.

Lime torrent is a verified extra torrents download sites. Right on lime torrent as a leacher you can upload your favorite extra torrent file for others to download.

Best Extratorrents Download Sites for Leachers

So far we have seen top 5 extratorrents site for leachers and peers to download and upload torrent files. And now let take a second look at the upcoming top extra torrents sites which are at this time virus free.

6. Torrent Hounds


If you don’t ever want to get bored with same old extra torrent file then try torrent hounds. Torrent hounds received millions of visitors daily searching for extratorrent files. And according to Torrent hounds extratorrents site they have at least 5000 torrent files uploaded daily.

If you understand how to operate binary or will love to learn about binary you can join Torrent hounds binary section free.

7. Isohunt


The fact is that I cannot but include isoHunt into the list of most popular extra torrents site we visit often. After the site had a hit on its dot com domain it bounce back with dot to domain name.

This extratorrents sites is stlil taking most of its time to back on track and level up with its competitors. Meanwhile since they came back with another domain name we have not recorded any form of virus infected file from the site.

8. Mininova

Mininova extra torrents sites isn’t really a torrent site per say but a torrent search engine where you can search for top and most popular torrent links. However, the only available files to download from mininova are compressed in such a way that you will be able to download it in a matter of minute.

If you are seriously in need to extratorrents search engine you can consider going to mininova.

Yah… Here we go with the top extra torrents sites to download torrents file free. Did we missed out your extratorrents site? Kindly leave us a comment below.

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