Facebook Video Downloader: How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook video downloader

SaveFrom Net Facebook video download is the fastest and easiest way to download Facebook video on a computer. The Facebook video downloader works perfectly on Windows and Mac devices using SaveFrom Net helper plugin to help integrate a direct download button to Facebook video.

Facebook is gradually turning to a video view center where people upload and share videos with their Facebook followers. However, either with Facebook ads or not, Facebook has turned a great source to increase YouTube video views within a short period of time if you have huge followers or an engaging Facebook group.

Meanwhile, when Facebook started out with sharing videos and share videos memory users can only watch videos on the platform without a download feature. However, as time goes on we came across series of Facebook video downloader for smartphones.

Also, aside from the use of SaveFrom net helper to download Facebook video, there is a direct way to download videos on Facebook using the popular Chrome browser. However, if you have not used Chrome to download the Facebook video before without the use of third-party tools here in this post you will learn the ABC of how to download Facebook videos using Google Chrome.

In the same direction, we will also share a stable approach to download YouTube video using the save from Facebook video downloader and the copy and paste approach.

This article is recommended for downloading Facebook videos on computers. However, we have covered everything you need to know regarding how to download Facebook videos on Android phones and how to download Facebook videos on iPhone, so take your time to check them out.

How to Use Chrome as Facebook Video Downloader

Google Chrome browser is own by Google and it’s one of the most popular and widely used browsers on the internet. For the time being now, Google Chrome has been my favorite browser not because I can download Facebook videos with it but because it’s super fast and it doesn’t crash like most other browsers.

The procedure below will show you the step-by-step procedure to download Facebook videos without a download on Windows and Mac computers without any software.

1. Download and install Chrome browser if you don’t have one on your computer

2. Visit Facebook and click to play the video you want to download to your computer storage

3. Right click on the video while play and click download from the popup option.

As simple as that… If you are smart enough you can use the same approach to download Facebook videos on mobile using Google Chrome for Android and iOS devices.

Facebook Video Downloader: How to Use Save From Net Helper

Before Facebook has a line of code that makes it very difficult to download videos from the platform. However, with tools like save from net helper plugin for Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera-Mini, and Safari, you no longer need any special Facebook video downloader on your computer.

1. Download and install save from net helper plugin for your browser from the link provided in the introductory part above.

2. Visit Facebook and navigate to the Facebook video. It could be in a Facebook comment, pages, groups, and Facebook timeline.

3. Hover your mouse pointer to the video and click the green download button integrated by save from helper on your browser.

Facebook Video Downloader

4. Select your video quality output and click download to start downloading.

This process to download Facebook video is second to know. The trick is direct and straightforward. However, another popular approach to download Facebook video without a downloader is adopting the copy and paste procedure.

Facebook Video Downloader: How to Use SaveFrom.Net Website

SaveFrom.net is yet another simpler approach to download Facebook videos. It’s easy and direct. This is tested on Google Chrome and it works perfectly. So, consider this method the best Facebook video downloader.

1. Open your Chrome browser and visit Facebook on your computer or Android phone

2. Click  on the video you want to download and copy the Facebook video URL on the address bar

3. Open a new tab and visit en.savefrom.net and paste the copied video URL into the column on the website

4. Wait for savefrom.net to sync the video from Facebook with an integrated download button

5. Click on download MP4 SD for the video to start downloading.

Facebook video downloader

With this approach, you should be able to download Facebook videos even without using a video downloader.

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