Flash Share: How to Transfer Files on Android Using Flash Share

Flash Share

There is a tendency that Flash share is the best file transfer app this generation ever enjoyed.

The apk flash transfer app for smartphones just make life accommodating when it comes to transferring of large files from one smartphone to another.

Despite the fact that Bluetooth is getting upgraded almost ever quarter, flash transfer app still do not let the latest development in Bluetooth fully have it stand but it will be folly for smartphone manufacturer to scrape out Bluetooth features in smartphone.

Although we have seen cases where new phones scraped head jack but could that possible with Bluetooth?

Flash share file transfer app is found in Google store as Xender and Flashshare as an apk app. And if by now you don’t know what flash share app does, then it is time you take a seat for yourself and concentrate on this post.

Here will share with you direct way to download flashshare app, how to install the flash transfer app, how to set a secure password for your flash share, and how to use flash share app to transfer files from your smartphone to another smartphone running flashshare or xender app.

The first question to ask on Flashshare for Android and xender for Android is that are they the same?

Is There Any Different Between Flash Share And Xender?

flash share flash share

If this question is bothering your mind, trust me you are not alone. Both flash transfer app are kind of confusing to most people, yet they perform the same function. Yes, the two Android flash transfer app are the same but with different name and different download store.

Flash share is an apk app file which cannot be found in Google play store. And this app was first seen on Tecno Android mobile before other Android start using it just like shareit on Lenovo Android phone.

Meanwhile, xender is flashshare Google store app which is not in apk format yet both can be used to transfer files from one Android to another.

You can download Xender directly from Google paly store while you can only download flashshare from apk store such as Apkpure and Apkmirror.

What is Flash Share?

Flashshare is an Android app for transferring of files from one device to another. Before flashshare was introduced we mainly send and receive files through Bluetooth and the old means of transferring files, infrared which we no longer think about. However, flash share on the other hand uses your phone Wi-Fi connection to establish file transfer from one device to another.

And that is exactly where disadvantage of flash share file transfer app comes in. While using your phone as a wireless connection to another gadget you cannot use the file transfer app else you device will be disconnected from the initial connection.

How to Install Flash Share APK File Transfer App

Installing Xender is direct from Google Play store but that is not so for Flashshare. There are three ways to install flash share app to your Android phone and below are the considerable ways.

1.How to Install Flash Share Via Bluetooth

This is probably the traditional way of installing most Android phone apps we cannot download before the advent of  file transfer app such as Flash share, shareit etc. Using this is quiet easy and it doesn’t require any technical procedure. To install any desire file transfer app or smartphone app generally when you have not downloaded and installed this file transfer app, do the follow.

i. Reach out to a friend with Flash share apk installer

ii. Let the friend send the apk installer via Bluetooth while you install it.

2. How to Install Flash Share From APK Sites

We all  know that it is only on APK sites that you can easily download any APK app. As at this time you cannot get the real flsahshare app from play store but you can get hold of Xender. However, instead of Xender you can install Flashshare from any APK site. The procedure below enables you to download and install apk file to your Android device.

i. Visit APK download site to download Flash share file transfer app

ii. Go to your browser settings and click on security. Scroll to the mid-way of the page and enable install from unknown source.

Flash Share

iii. The, open the folder containing Flash share and install it.

Note: If you failed to enable install from unknown source you will not be able to install any akp file.

How to Install Flash Share on PC or Desktop

Outside using flashshare on PC you can install it directly to your smartphone using apk desktop installer. What it does is that it install any apk file directly to your smartphone without prompting you to enable install apps from unknown source.

We have covered how to install APK app on smartphone using APK installer from PC in the just check it out.

How to Transfer Files From One Smartphone to Another Using Flash Share

If you have agreed to use Xender or Flash share as your favorite file transfer app, here is how to transfer file from one phone to another.

Note: It is assumed that you have installed Flash share or Xender file transfer on your smartphone from the link above.

1. Launch the install file transfer app on your smartphone and select the list of files such as apps, media, photo etc  and click on send button.

2. Flash share or Xender file transfer app will begin to search for near by phone with Xender of flash share enabled. Note, the second person receiving the file must have switch to receive while you switched to send.

Flash Share

3. Select the device you want to transfer the file to and the file will be transferred immediately.

Flash Share

Congratulations you have successfully installed flash share file transfer app on your smartphone and you can now use it to transfer file without hiccups.

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