Go Keyboard App Amazing Features for Android

Do you want to customize your Android keyboard? You have to try Go keyboard app for smartphone. If you don’t like the default keyboard settings on your Android device,you can fine-tune your keyboard to suits your need such as installing different Go keyboard themes, wallpaper, sticker and the likes.

Go Keyboard app is an Android app that replaces the default Android keyboard with a flexible one that can be used to improve your typing experience.

Go Keyboard Android app supports multiple languages (English-EN, Arabic-AR, Croatian-HR, Czech-CS, Chinese-CN, Dutch-NL, French-FR, German-DE, Greek-EL, Hebrew-HE, Hindi-HI, Indonesian-ID, Italian-IT, Japanese-JA, Korean- ,KO,Malay- MS, Philippines(Tagalog)- TL, Polish-PL, Portuguese-PT, Romanian-RO, Russian-RU, Spanish-ES, Thai- TH, Turkish-TR, and Taiwanese language).

It means that the keyboard apps can be toggled to your own official language and type in the language other than typing in English language.

Go keyboard is an auto-correct and auto-prediction keyboard app. It means that it suggest words for you when you types. The auto-prediction is based on words you typed often and pops it up the moment you type the start alphabet of the word.

The advantage of Go keyboard Android app auto predict feature is that it makes typing very fast and communication so easy when you are responding to so many messages at the same times and you will not need to type every of your words completely before you gain access to them.

The integrated of dictionary in GoKeyboard app is another amazing features of the modern Android keyboard. The dictionary features gives the meaning of every words you typed in any language other than English language.

Key feature of the new traditional Android keyboard include Go Keyboard sticker, wallpaper, and theme.

Download Beautiful Go Keyboard Theme

Go theme is a beautiful theme that gives your Android traditional an entire new look and makes it look attractive to you. The fascinating Go theme can be easily integrated into your Android keyword via the parent Go theme.

Go Keyboard

Before you can integrate GoKeyboard theme into your traditional keyboard, you have to download and install GoKeyboard from Google Play Store or Apk file format and then download and install Go Keyboard theme.

Then follow this direction to integrate the theme to Go app for Android. Click into GO Keyboard Setting Page-> Theme -> Local -> Apply.

The number of free theme you can integrate into this best traditional Android keyboard is unlimited. You will find pro theme if you are not satisfied with the list of free themes.

 Download Amazing Go Keyboard Wallpaper

Want to personalize your keyboard with your desired photo or the photo of your bae (before anyone else), then download and install this wallpaper.

This Android keyboard wallpaper gives you privilege to use either your own photo or someone else picture instead of boring traditional keyboard wallpaper.

Download the wallpaper app and integrate it to replace your boring traditional wallpaper.

go keyboard

Download Go Keyboard Emoji

Emoji is taking charge of human expression. Emoji simply gives an expression of your feelings in form of an icon with different meaning for different Emoji you choose to use.

go keyboard

You can express your feelings via Emoji such as angry, happiness, love, excited etc. So if you don’t want to use words to express how you feel, you can easily used Emoji alongside Go Keyboard.

In our next post on Go Keyboard we will take a close look at an expert review of the app including it pros and cons.

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