How to Use Google Maps Driving Directions in an Effective Ways

Google maps driving directions saved me a lot on my first day on campus. As a J-J-C (Johnny Just Come) I don’t know anywhere by route not even the department I was admitted to.

What do I do? Keep as asking fellow student right?

You are right but that will reveal my true identity to everyone that comes my way the moment I missed my route but that didn’t happen and all thanks to Google Maps app that maps where I was to where I was going to on my phone and the moment I missed the route it notified me.

Not only did Google map driving direction or navigation transit app showed my where I was going but also en-route me through the shortest distance by car and footpath.

In fact, if you don’t have Google Maps navigation app installed on your device you are missing a lot. After Google map had helped me find my ways on my first visit to my school, since then the app has always be my companion whenever I have to travel to where I have not been before with mere address.

If you are new to using Google maps driving directions or walk directing, this post will you through how to get to any unknown destination without asking from any fellow.

So, what you will learn here is typically how to sue Google map to trace or get a specific direction to a location and get notified the moment you are the area if not the exact house number of where you are going to.

Also, the app will reveal the exact kilometer you have to cover by car or route and the shortest distance possible to your destination.

How to Use Google Maps Driving Directions on PC

You can use Google maps directions on both PC and Smartphones. And as a result you will learn how to use Google maps driving directions to locate a specific location on PC following this guide.

1. Visit Google Maps location on your PC with internet connect and sign in with your Gmail account for easy access and click on direction arrow to the left of your Google maps homepage.

Google Maps Driving Directions

2. Click on direction to the left of your computer as shown in the attachment below and enter your standing location as well as where you are heading to and hits the search location and the exact time you will need from your standing point to your expected source will be displayed with Google maps driving location.

 Google Maps Driving Directions  Also Tracks Number of Hours

Including the number of hours you will spend if you go by flight, by car or planning to take the shortest distance to your destination. The image below shown that from Barcelona, Spain to Manchester in UK will take 18h 55mins which is approximately 1,134 miles away as the fastest route to avoid road tolls, car transport and where you can follow to easily access your destination.

Google Maps Driving Directions

3. To gets traveling direction via Google maps using other means such as motorist, cycling, flight, bicycle and train, just toggle around and Google maps direction and it will show the exact hours and minutes needed, direction, and possible obstacle you will likely encountered take such a route.

Google Maps Driving Directions

4. Once you get the exact route to your location via Google maps location you can just forward it to your phone so that you will have direct access to your destination right on your phone.

To do this kindly scroll down and click on send direction to your phone which could either be inform of text or email but preferably text will be okay for easy access and due to internet connection problem that may arise.

Google Maps Driving Directions

5. Google maps will send your direction location to the mobile number attached to your Gmail account and you are good to go. Or if you decide to go with Email, Google maps will send your Google maps driving directions route to your Email account for you to access it anywhere and there would be no need to search for your location again but access it directly.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Note: If you choose email for your Google maps driving directions, Google maps will forward the link to access the page directly to your Email and you can always access your direction route via the link.

Not only you can use Google maps driving directions to trace your route from one location to another but it can also be used to locate some strategic location such as restaurants,Hotels, Cafe, Nearest car park, and others.

In fact Google maps location recently include a features that will enables user to track public toilet navigation from any source with internet connection.

Google Maps Driving Directions

So, if you are driving and you feel like pooing you can just switch on your Google maps driving location to get the close route to a public toilet.

How to Use Google Maps Driving Directions on Android

For Android user you can also use Google maps location conveniently on your Android the exact way we just used it on PC in this post. All you need to do for effective use of Google maps location on Android is to install the Android app and follow the exact steps in the post to navigate from one source to another without asking a third party way to your destination.

Google maps driving directions can save you a lot of time while travelling so learn how to use Google maps navigation apps to day.

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