How to Access Google Play Movies in Your Country

Google play movies

Early this morning I tried to watch Google play movies but it returns that the service is not available in my country.
Then I felt kinda dejected but not rejected. Why is Google movies in play store not available in my country?

Then, the idea on how to watch movies in play as a restricted country comes to my mind and I decided to research on that. However if you are facing the same challenge and you are unable to access Google play movies in your country here is a guide for.

There are few ways to access Google play movies if your country is put behind Google firewall. Mostly, if you are reading this post from any African country you are probably facing play movies unavailability issue in your country.

However, below are known ways to access play movies and stream it on your device. The approach is not peculiar to one way. It can be on your PC using Google chrome extension, or on Android with and without apk file.

Google play movies

What is Google Play Movies?

This is a service rendered by Google to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play. Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your Android phone or tablet, or on any HDTV using Chromecast. You can also download and watch from anywhere, even when you’re not connected. If the movie you’re looking for isn’t yet offered, wishlist it and get a notification when it’s available to buy or rent on Google movies store.

How to Access Google Play Movies on Your Gadget

If you already subscribed to Google play movies for either rented movies or purchased movies here is how to watch or stream it live in your country of residence.

Google play movies

1. Use VPN Service to Access Google Play Movies

On top of the list of how to access Google play movies store in a country where the service isn’t available is via VPN. VPN service helps to hide your current IP location and maps it to your desire location.

Take for instance that I want to access Google movies store from Nigeria which Google claimed to be working on how to bring the service down to Nigeria I will connect my VPN and map my IP to location with Google play movies service and stream on the go.

There are free VPN service and paid one. In most cases both free VPN and paid VPN offers the same service but free VPN has limited number of IPs you can connect to, if you were unable to connect to a specific IP you cannot contact support, free VPN disconnect often compared to paid VPN.

So, if you are so much interested in streaming Google play movies in country not supported you should start with using VPN.

2. Use Proxy Sites to Access Google Play Movies

Here is another procedure to stream Google play movies from an unsupported countries. Accessing play movies via proxy site will grant you a direct access to Google movies store to stream rented or purchased  from unsupported countries.

However, I have compiled 350+ proxy websites to access any websites that put your country IP behind the firewall.

3. How to Watch Google Play Movies on Smartphone

Google play movies

This app is for the benefits of Android users to access rented and purchased Google movies on smartphone without restriction. Download and install play movies and TV app on your smartphone. Login to your movies play store account with your Gmail account and search for your rented our purchased movies on Google movies store.

4. Stream Google Play Movies on Desktop

Right with Google chrome plugin you can start streaming movies on Google play without restriction. But you can only watch rented or purchased movies on Google play.

Here is the official Google Chrome plugin to stream play movies for once you logged on to your Google store account and you can start streaming movies on the go.

5. How to Stream Google Play Movies on iPhone

Google play movies

There is also an app for iPhone users to stream movies on play store. This app simplified your access to your rented or purchased movies on Google play store.

To access your movies store on Google play on iPhone kindly download and install  play movies app for your iPhone device.

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