HawkHost Review: Hawk Host Should Be Your Next Hosting Company

Hawkhost review

So many things constitute a good hosting service starting from a free domain name, customer supports monitoring website downtime, internal server error, price, website speed and all that. However, if you want to stay online for a very long time achieving your business dream you need a good web hosting service, not just a cheap and crap web hosting service. Over time, we have had experience with so many hosting service provider with poor and quality service delivery, however, our experience with Hawkhost has been so great. And here today, we’d give our honest Hawkhost review and why you should start using Hawkhost.

We currently host one of our sites on Hawkhost, and this site is hosted on MDD Hosting. Check out awesome MDD hosting flash sales here. The gravity of having a good web hosting is that you’d enjoy your online presence and there’d be no reason to be worried whether your website is available online or not. I have had a bad experience with Arvixe in the past, so I’ll not recommend you host your website on their server. They do really have good customer support but something is really bad about them. What actually drew me to them was they free domain name the offer for every first registration and the discount.

However, with Hawkhost you can enjoy a double portion of Arvixe discount with good quality and a better customer support.

Hawkhost offers a discount on all package starting from basic to VPS package. Hawkhost super sales can go as high as 25% discount on a good day and you can as well enjoy as high as 75-80% discount on Black Friday.

Hawkhost basic and professional server offer a 25% discount before Black Friday and offers 75-80% discount on Black Friday. However, for reseller hosting, dedicated server, and VPS hosting you enjoy the same discount.

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Hawkhost Review: Do You Think Hawk Host Really Worth?

Sometimes, it’s not about the money rather about the quality of service you enjoy and values for your money. However, below reasons will convince you that Hawk hosting service provider is a really good web hosting.

1. Customer Support

This is my first priority when choosing a web hosting for my website. Hosting a website is more than just buying the hosting plan and install WordPress or Joomla on it. At a point, you may run into a problem requesting an expert attention. Even if you are an expert you may need the audience of a representative from your hosting company to discuss the issue with. Sometimes it may be a phone conversation and the possible case will be a live chat and create a ticket on a particular problem to get its resolve instantly.

Hawk host has a great customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Most issues get resolve using live chat and complicated issues get resolve via a ticket which will take less than 24 hours. However, if you can wait for just 24 hours you can contact HawkHost on phone complaining and before you know it, the problem will be resolved and you will be contacted that it has been resolved.

For number one reason why you should make Hawkhost your next hosting plan should be because of quality customer support. Customer first, Hakwhost second. They do really value customers coupled with the best hosting service.

2. Hawkhost Price

Hawkhost review

When you compare Hawkhost price with another hosting company you will get a glance merging. Well, I’m not always concern about the price though but the quality service but that doesn’t mean attention should not be paid to how much is Hawkhost basic, professional, reseller, dedicated server and VPS hosting price.

Hawkhost cost as low as $2.24/mo with 25% discount on a good day. However, Hawkhost slashed price down to 75% on Black Friday. This is the best time to strike a deal with HawkHost. Get yourself together and order for any plan from Hawkhost without emptying your wallet to purchase hosting all your life. This hawkhost review helps to slash your package price without a coupon code.

3. Free Website Migration

Hawkhost review

You don’t need to understand drag and drop to use Hawkhost. There are many reviews on best web hosting company but most of them do not offer free website migration. After enjoying a huge discount with Hawkhost you will also enjoy free website migration.

From what we know and want to cover in our Hawkhost review, if you have fallen for a web hosting that doesn’t care about their customer in the past, it is time to enjoy a quality service. What Hakhost does is that they will help you migrate your website from your old server to their server without lost of traffic of SEO problem.

If you do really hate to handle complex WordPress terms like a database, FTP logins and the like and you would not want to spend $300 migrating your website from your old server to a new server you should consider getting a hawk host hosting plan.

Hawkhost offers a free website migration that can cost you at least $150-$300 when you order a gig on Fiverr.

4. Unlimited Disk Space & Add-on Domains

HawkHost review

One important feature of Hawkhost I must talk about is the unlimited add-on domains and disk space. This simply means you can add as many as possible domains to your hosting service and you will never run out of disk space irrespective of your traffic.

At the same time, you enjoy free and unlimited SSL certificates. This means that your domain names will be installed on https:// instead of http:// to improve your search rankings.

To enjoy all these goodies from Hawk host order now below while the 70-80% discount last. Click the order button below to order Hawkhost now.

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