Innjoo Max 2 First Hand On Review

Few days ago, we got Innjoo Max 2 from the Dubai Innjoo company. I shared my first impression about Innjoo Max 2 and promised to come with the first hand review this day, and here we are to day to share with you my first hand review of Innjoo Max 2.

Innjoo devices are not new in Nigeria market. Starting from the day of Innjoo i1 and the likes. As at this moment, Innjoo has released more than 10 Innjoo devices into Nigeria mobile market with few Tablet. If you are hearing that for the first time, you can check out the list of all Innjoo Android Phone in Nigeria Market.

After my first impression with Innjoo Max 2, I decided to try if I can change Innjoo Max 2 IMEI number without app, guess what? I successfully changed the device IMEI without any app. If you have Innjoo Max 2 already and planning to change the device IMEI number, check out How To Change Innjoo Max 2 IMEI number without any app first.

As at the time of writing this Innjoo Max 2 first hand on review, I have not made an attempt to root the device but possibly, to root Innjoo Max 2 you can just try root app such as Vroot, iRoot, Kingroot, SRSroot and some others, and I will come up with the best method to root Innjoo Max 2 soonest.

I have read it on a forum thread that Innjoo Max 2 does not have menu, but I don’t believe that because you can always add you max 2 menu if you so wish. This simply communicating to you that, not even a single feature of Innjoo Max 2 will be hidden from you in this review.

Innjoo Max 2 First Hand On Review

The Innjoo Max 2 is just a 5.0 inch device with a pink champagne colour plastic cover and a curvilinear round edge. The back of the Innjoo Max 2 is made of Champagne pink colour without any colour mixture except the inscribed Innjoo name in black colour. And coming to Innjoo Max 2 screen, 90% of the device screen is made of the device screen resolution leaving the menu and the front camera, front camera flash light and light indicator at the top with the same pink champagne colour.

Innjoo Max 2

Right in front of the Innjoo Max 2, we have a 8MP front camera for selfies and video calls, followed by the camera flash light and the indicator, followed by the device receiving speaker and finally, at the extremely left hand side, charging indicator is located around there (red).

Innjoo Max 2 Camera Hand On Review

If you are a photo freaked person, I think Innjoo Max 2 camera will break your jaw. Trust me the device camera is really amazing. With the 13MP at the back and 8MP front camera, you no longer need to depend on a friend device before you take a picture on the go. If every body were to be me, you wouldn’t bother to get a digital camera of any sort after getting Innjoo Max 2. The picture below depict a selfie I took with Innjoo Max 2.

Innjoo Max 1

The 13MP at the back of the new Innjoo Max 2 is really great. And far more better than the front megapixel. The 13MP back camera is located at the exact middle of the device with it LED flash right beneath it. Picture taken with some female friend at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Mathematics department (Yellow House).

Innjoo Max 2 camera

At the bottom of the smartphone, the device microUSB v2.0 is located for super fast charging with the device external speakers.

Innjoo Max 2And at the top of the device, we have the hand free port located there.

Innjoo Max 2

The new Innjoo Max 2 features three non sensoring button, the volume down and up button located at the left hand side and power button to the right hand side. Innjoo Max 2 features a dual SIM but the dual port can not be used if you are to use MicroSD with your device.

The device support an expandable microSD up to 128GB according to device specs but can only be used with a single SIM (micro). Also, the new Innjoo Max 2 gives you control over the entire device screen for not featuring a keypad except the three buttons.

Innjoo Max 2 Battery Life First Hand On Review

This is actually where your interest lies right? An average Android phone should be up and doing when it comes to battery issue. Funny enough, Innjoo Max 2 features 4000mAh battery. I have involved myself in  browsing,calling and gaming battle with Innjoo Max 2 to checkmate it battery capacity but to be candid, it really worth investing on. When fully charged, it can be used for more that 12hours with active browsing and using all the social network app you have on it.

Innjoo Max 2 battery

And over the last few days, what I discovered that drains the device battery life quickly is when you open many app that are running in background mode.

Nevertheless, my conclusion on the battery life was drawn based on this observation. Still in the section, another amazing feature of Innjoo Max 2 to help safe battery life is the battery saver feature.

You can find this in the device battery section menu where you can set it to auto start when you device battery life is 15% or 10% or 5% and that will last you nothing less that 8 hours for the 15% battery saver.

For the fact that Innjoo Max 2 features an awesome battery capacity, the con of the device battery lies on the non-removable aspect of it. Innjoo Max 2 battery is non-removable but trust me, there is nothing to fear about.

Innjoo Max 2 RAM And Android OS

One of the things to consider before buying an Android phone is the RAM and the OS. Innjoo Max 2 features a 1GB RAM and runs on the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop. The innjoo Max 2 features a 16GB internal storage and support an expandable microSD up to 128GB according to the device specs.

Innjoo Max 2 Android 5.1

To verify the Android version, tap the Android 5.1 from the phone about section and it will display Lollipop logo and tapping it continuously will take you Lollipop game.

How To Activate Main Menu On Innjoo Max 2

The Innjoo Max 2 main menu features is not available on the device homepage. But you can always add it and remove it if you care. To add the menu, click on the left button and click on widgets, then tap “All apps” and it will appear in your apps section.

Just drag and drop the new icon to the homepage, preferably down the homepage to easily give you access to the device apps.

Innjoo Max 2 Menu

With this, you will be able to add menu to your Innjoo Max 2 homepage.

Innjoo Max 2 Price In Nigeria

Currently in Nigeria, Innjoo Max 2 price goes for #21,500 and it is only available on Jumia for now. For self pleasing, check out Innjoo Max 2 full specs and make a decision of your own?

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