Cutest Keyboard Themes apps For Android Phones

Do you need an amazing keyboard themes app for you Android phone? Themes like go keyboard app that will give your Android phone an entire new look? That is not a big deal at all.

This post will do the job and share with top, cute and amazing free go keyboard themes app you will find worthy to use on your Android phone.

There is no benefits of doubt that if your Android phone back button is no longer working you can simply bring it back to live using Android apps such as swiftkey, dreamer, and some other personalized apps programmed to make your Android keyboard looks cute.

In the first post we will share with you top 5 cutest themes for Android phone that you can download and use as your device theme

Top 10 Cutest Go Keyboard Themes for Android

Do you also need a unique wallpaper for your Android phone? You may want to check out our top 10 cubic wallpaper for desktop and Android phones.

To use any of the following cute apps as your Android new keyboard replacing the traditional keyboard and replace your usual theme with any of the themes in the app, kindly download and install the app.

1. Swift Keyboard and Theme Personalize

Swift keyboard app is a favorite app that easily give your phone traditional button a rest and reset. It replaces back button on Android phones when not working easily. The app have different themes colors that can be used to replaced your default theme.

keyboard themes

The app is user friendly and it serves as a mini menu to your Android phone when not working or function. This app is best for a device with scratched or broken screen whose button malfunctions.

It has series of keyboard themes as well to help personalized your Android keyboard. Also, it has a beautiful keyboard that can easily replace your Android phone traditional keyboard with auto-correct feature in multiple languages, and dictionary and words predictor based on most typed on words.

The app is a Google play app and if you also need the apk version, kindly check through our last post that talked about top sites to download apk apps.

 2. Dreamer GO Keyboard Theme

This is another popular keyboard theme for Android which is in both apk and non-apk file. This dreamer go keyboard theme gives your Android phone an entire new look and turns it to a cute one with just a single click.

Currently, the apk dreamer go keyboard Android apk app scored 4.4/5 score with reason-able amount of download in play store.

keyboard themes

If you prefer to download dreamer go keyboard theme as apk, kindly download from apk site or download directly from Google store.

3. Gold Go Keyboard Theme

Gold go keyboard theme is yet another one of the cutest keyboard themes app which turns Android traditional keyboard theme to a gold like one.

Go keyboard themes

In fact, if you favorite color is gold you may want to consider this theme over others. It plainly turns your Android keyboard into a more beautiful and appealing one as soon as you install and apply it to your device.

Download this app from Google play store.

4. GO Keyboard Multicolour Theme

This app turns Android keyboard into a beautiful, plain and cutest one ever. It’s a free app with little pop up ads when connected to the internet.

The beauty of the keyboard theme app is that it has a collection of multiple colours as to be used as your Android  theme.

If you have a choice of colour you really appreciate you may want to see to go keyboard multicolour’s theme and choose from the list of available themes color in the app.

go keyboard themes

You can download multicolor keyboard theme directly play store.

5. Free Z Glass GO Keyboard Theme

I have only used this theme app once but it worth mentioning. What I enjoyed most on the app is the over 1000 colourful themes, and over 800 emoji with cute keyboard replacement for Android traditional keyboard.

go keyboard themes

If you love to give your Android phone a cute theme just give this app a shot and you will love it to the last gram. Download this app from Google play store.

How to Install Go Keyboard Themes

If you have downloaded any of the above Go keyboard themes you need to apply your chosen theme from the settings aside changing your traditional keyboard the cute ones’ found in the apps. However, the below simple steps will walk you through how to set your preferred theme in the app as your phone theme.

1. Launch the keyboard theme app and click on settings

2. Locate the theme and navigate to local and finally click apply to apply the theme.

In short, there are tons of go keyboard themes in both Google play store and apk app store but these ones really rock.

Do you love our collection of these Android keyboard themes? Kindly share it with your friends.

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