Limetorrent: How to Download Torrent File from Lime Torrent

Let talk about how to download Limetorrent files here in this post today. Lime torrent is one of the best and most popular torrent site on net. Where you can download torrent files such as video, music, MP3, audio etc.

Meanwhile, while you can download limetorrent files free it is not that easy to download lime torrent files as it were. Most especially if the file is huge then you need a Lime torrent downloader such as Bittorrent.

In most of our previous updated torrent site, Lime torrent has feature as one of the most popular torrent site. Their series of movies you can download from Limetorrent site but how do you download them easily?

And now that Google has a plan to kick out some torrent site which we can’t tell whether Lime torrent is involved or not. You can make yourself familiar with how to download torrent files from block site.

At the same time, we previous published a step by step procedure to unblock torrent sites including lime torrent.

So here to day if you have a huge Limetorrent files you want to download you will find this article an interesting one.

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How to Download Limetorrent Files on PC/Desktop

Here is a quick procedure to download Lime torrent files such as movies, audios, videos, MP3 and other. Note that at the time of writing this post Lime torrent site still work fine.

1. Download and install Bittorrent desktop software for your PC depending on your operating system.

2. Visit Lime torrent site and search for the torrent file you want to download using the search box.


3. Copy the torrent file URL (right click on the files and scroll down to copy link).


4. Launch the installed Bittorrent on your PC and click on hyperlink icon to paste the copied Limetorrent file URL and click OK to start downloading.


If your internet connection is averagely OK your lime torrent file will start downloading else it will pops up error. To the bottom of the page Bittorrent downloader will display file info such as file size, average download time, file download speed, file location, and other related information to the file.

Kindly drop a comment if you have any suggestion to make this post better or if you were unable to download limtorrent files.

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  1. John Reply

    Using both Mac and PC, with bit torrent installed, this does not work on either machine.

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