What You Need to Know About LoudTronix MP3 Music Download Site

LoudTronix is the easiest and fastest means to download MP3 music site on the web. We have used LoudTronix times without number to download MP3 of over 10,000. It’s always one of the best websites you should use to search and download music on the internet.

Let take a look at MP3 download site called Loud Tronix as one of the best music search engines online today. This music database has over a 100,000 collection of free MP3 music you can download for free without registration with a simple design.

If you are not using MP3 Juices, and SoundCloud to search and download MP3 songs then this may be the next MP3 songs download site you want to look after.

LoudTronix is a bit better than the aforementioned MP3 music download site because you can download YouTube video directly from LoudTronix. That is, Loud Tronix is a free music download site, a YouTube video converter site with just and copy strategy to pick your YouTube video.

LodTronix has over gained popularity due to it constant MP3 music update to its database and gained promotion to one of the top 10 websites to download MP3 music online.

While some music download site limited their sites to MP3 music download, LoudTronix has taken time to integrate Facebook video downloader into its features and quick MP3 grabber via Google Chrome extension.

Using LoudTronix does not force registration on the user but for you to be able to create your own playlist on LoudTronix you have to be a registered users.

However, this post will cover the core aspect of the popular MP3 music download site, LoudTronix such how to register an account, how to download MP3 songs from LoudTronix, how to download YouTube video using LoudTronix and finally how to download YouTube video with LoudTronix Google Chrome plugin.

How to Process LoudTronix Registration and Upload MP3

You can create an MP3 songs playlist on LoudTronix as a registered user. Meanwhile, it’s very easy to register on this music search and create an MP3 songs playlist for later download.

1. Visit LoudTronix registration page and fill in your details and if you are a registered member, click on already registered to login to your account.


2. LoudTronix will automatically redirect you to your created account even without email confirmation.

Henceforth you can start adding your favorite MP3 songs to your playlist for later download.

How to Download MP3 Music from LoudTronix

You don’t need to be a registered member before you can download MP3 on Loud Tronix. On LoudTronix, registration is for you to be able to add your favorite MP3 to your music playlist so that you will not have to start searching for them all over again when next you need them.

1. Visit LoudTronix homepage and key in the title of the song or artist name and click on the search tab.


2. A list of MP3’s will be displayed from a different source. All you just have to do is click on the exact MP3 you want to download and desired source and click on download MP3.


Note: Do not mistake the blue big download button for the MP3 download button. See attachment above.

3. And your MP3 will be downloaded to your device default storage.

How to Download YouTube Video Using LoudTronix

This is one of the features of this MP3 download website I really appreciate. Although there are various ways to download YouTube video online but this also an additional means.

1. Visit YouTube and search for the video you want to download and copy the URL into the address bar.


2. Go to Loud Tronix homepage and paste the video URL in the search box and click on search


3. LoudTronix will sync the video from YouTube and give the option to download it as MP3 or MP4. Then click on your favorite to download it.


Note: Always mind the big download and play now button.

That is how to use Loud Tronix music search engine as YouTube downloader

How to Download YouTube With LoudTronix Chrome Extension

If you don’t want to engage in copy and paste YouTube URL before using Loud Tronix to download YouTube video, kindly install the site Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Explorer extension or plugin to grab videos from YouTube directly.


You can see that Loud Tronix is a powerful music search engine with so many features? Why not try LoudTronix now?

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