MP3 Juices: How to Download MP3 and YouTube as MP3

MP3 Juices is a free music download search engine with millions of free songs to download from. Some called it MP3 Juice but it is actually Juices with cc domain extension. That is, the site is access directly from

Before we take a walk around MP3Juices music download site, note that this site is 100% free from virus according to AVG antivirus.

MP3 Juices

If AVG can be certified that is free from virus then I am certainly sure that the site doesn’t contain any form of virus.

Meanwhile it is advisable to have an antivirus installed on your device with constant update

But because the site contains confusing advertising download button some newbies or some group of people that do not used to download MP3 songs from MP3juices website think that the site contains virus whenever they click on the download button and open a new tab.

Meanwhile you should be able to differentiate between advertisement download button and MP3 Juices download button. So if you want to download MP3 songs from Juices website don’t mistake the official download button to advertisement button.

Take a look at the attachment below and take a note of the red rectangle. It tells you that the download and play button is an advertisement button and not MP3Juices songs download button

mp3 juices

Meanwhile MP3Juices is one of the best alternative to MP3Skulls MP3 songs download sites which was shutdown few month ago due to piracy infringement.

So if you are look for a great websites to download MP3 songs after the death of MP3skulls you may want to consider MP3 Juices free music download site and it is grows very fast.

With music search engine you can search for MP3 songs with song title, artist, genre, from up to 8 different music download sources which are YouTube, Soundcloud, Vk, Yandex, Nhaccuatui, 4Shared, PromoDJ and Archive.

So there is no way you will search for a certain music on MP3 Juices that you will not find it except it has not been uploaded to any of these sites.

How to Download Free MP3 Fron MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices has a huge collection of free MP3 songs you can download from. The moment you keyed in the title of the MP3 you want to download MP3Juices algorithm will scan through YouTube and Soundcloud by default for the music but you can extend your MP3 music search on MP3Juices website to Yandex, VK and others by just click on the one you want the music search engine to scan through.

Or if you have a video you want to download from YouTube you can use MP3Juices music search box to grab its as MP3.

mp3 juices

If you also considered downloading MP3 songs from this site safe kindly follow the steps below to download any MP3 of your choice from the music search engine.

1. Visit and type the title of the MP3 you want to download and hits the search button in front (Do not mistake to click on the big download and play button so that it will not take you to an advertiser’s page) and wait while MP3Juices search through.
mp3juices2. Once your MP3 search is completed you can either play directly from the site or click on the download button to download to your drive offline. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page as the song you searched for will shown up tons of result. So be calm to choose the exact MP3 you want to download.

mp3 juices

You can use this method to always download MP3 songs from official website.

How to Download YouTube as MP3 on MP3 Juices

Just like the way you can use videoder to download YouTube video on Android you can also use MP3 Juices to convert YouTube video to MP3.

1. Visit YouTube homepage and search for the video you want to download. Copy the video url and open a new tab in your browser to open

2. Paste the video URL into search box and hit the search button and the result will come in form of the attachment below.

mp3 juices

3. Click on the download button with red notation above to start downloading your YouTube video as MP3 using MP3Juices.

Note: Do not click big download MP3 and Download video buttons because they are advertisers button.

4. If you want to save your YouTube MP3 converted using MP3 Juice to cloud kindly click on save to cloud.

Great isn’t it?

MP3 Juices has a huge collection of free MP3 songs which are free from piracy infringement and you can always check in to download your favorite MP3.

If you have any difficulties in downloading MP3 songs from MP3 Juice kindly comment below in the comment section so that we can be of help.

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