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MP3 to YouTube is a way you follow to upload an MP3 to YouTube platform. When you have an MP3 you want to upload to YouTube for other YouTube users to download the process to follow is called MP3 to YouTube process. Just the way you upload videos to YouTube for people to watch and download you can also upload MP3 to YouTube the same way.

Do you want to upload MP3 to YouTube and you don’t know how to? Do you have a music you want people around the world to enjoy with you? Then, why don’t you upload it to YouTube? YouTube has a music section, YouTube video music, YouTube kids, and lot more. Off all these YouTube features, the least utilized one is to upload MP3 to YouTube for free.

The easy way you convert YouTube to MP3, download YouTube videos using standalone websites, download YouTube videos with YouTube video downloader, play YouTube videos in smartphone media players like VLC, download YouTube video on Android phone with the help of the SaveFrom developer for Android and Tubemate, and MP3 to YouTube Android phones music uploader.

There are different ways to upload MP3 to YouTube. You can upload M3 directly to YouTube using a third-party software for PC, apps for Android and iOS devices, and you can also upload MP3 to YouTube online without software using standalone website.

The only thing that is different between the two approach is that they follow different means. For MP4 to YouTube, you simply need to create a YouTube channel, give the YouTube channel a name that correlates with the YouTube channel videos, and start to upload your own content.

For you to upload MP3 to YouTube you also follow a different approach. The easiest way to do this is to use a third-party website to upload music to YouTube. There is no need to be panic as there is no penalty for using a third-party website to upload MP3 to your YouTube music channel.

How Can I Upload MP3 to YouTube

Before you can upload MP3 to YouTube successfully you must first import the music to YouTube, choose the MP3 picture or band picture or use your association logo as the music picture, choose your music resolution whether 16:9 or 4:3 depending on your choice and what you think should be made available for your music channel visitors.

Once you have chosen all the requirement then click on import file to start uploading the MP3 to YouTube from your local device.

For easy processing, you should consider using a software of your choice to upload your music to YouTube. Meanwhile, using software makes everything very easy and get to upload all files at once. Once you set up your music resolution, choose the band logo or your music logo, name the music, complete setting up your software and select the desired channel to upload your music to and click on import files to finish uploading to YouTube.

How to Do I Take Audio From a YouTube Video

The easiest thing to do for me is to take audio from a YouTube video without you download the video. You can use a software to download MP3 from YouTube. You can also use some apps like SaveFrom helper plugin for a smartphone.

You can use MP3 converter website to rip music from a YouTube video. You can also download MP3 from YouTube video by changing the video URL. Another easiest way to download YouTube MP3 is using a YouTube MP3 downloader plugin for browsers.

However, the easiest among all these to take audio from a YouTube video is to download and install a browser’s plugin that will convert YouTube to MP3 directly from YouTube homepage. Here in this blog, I have share series of ways to download YouTube videos and how to download YouTube video as MP3.

To learn how to take audio from a YouTube video do check out the link provided above on how to go about it. All article includes images on where and how to go about it. Also, some of the posts contain video on how to turn YouTube to MP3 which you want to take your time and watch.


How Do I Make an MP3 From YouTube Video

My favorite way to download MP3 from YouTube is to use the ssYouTube approach. SSYouTube is the easiest and simplest way to download YouTube video, make an MP3 from YouTube video, and download YouTube video subtitle with just a click.

Another way I also enjoy using is streaming YouTube via my mobile media player like VLC. When you have apps like VLC installed on your Android phone you can simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the app video to music directory to play it as MP3.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn how to download MP3 from YouTube video only without streaming it consider this article on how to convert YouTube video to MP3 without using any software.

How to Upload MP3 to YouTube for Free

Here is the deal and what you have been waiting for. Haven check the internet on how to upload MP3 to YouTube here I have chosen to settle for the approach you will learn here. We ain’t going to talk about MP3 converter here but how you can upload music to YouTube instead of uploading video to YouTube.

1. Go to Tunestotube homepage

2. Click login with Gmail to let Tunestotube access your YouTube Channel

MP3 to YouTube

3. Choose the YouTube channel you want to upload MP3 to from your YouTube channels if you have more than one

MP3 to YouTube

4. Allow Tunestotube to access the selected YouTube channel by click allow button

MP3 to YouTube

5. Upload your MP3 to upload to YouTube, enter the MP3 title, MP3 description, tags, category as music, music image, music resolution.

MP3 to YouTube Converter

6. Once the MP3 has been successfully uploaded click on create video button generated by Tunestotube to upload your MP3 to YouTube.

YouTube to MP3

Note that the MP3 will start uploading once you clicked create video and it should take less than 5 minutes to complete uploading. Once it has successfully uploaded Tunestotube will create a YouTube download URL for your MP3.

Meanwhile, while the music is being streamed on YouTube it will only display the image uploaded instead of displaying a video on the platform.

As a warning, always minimize how you use Tunestotube as this might go against YouTube terms and condition so that you will not get your YouTube channel banned or suspended.

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