Music on YouTube: How to Download Music on YouTube for Free

Apart from YouTube music downloader which other means can you use to download music on YouTube? You search through YouTube music section and you are dumb on how to download it without a music downloader, so what next to do you do? Since YouTube music is free to download and use, how many musics have you downloaded free on YouTube? If I show you how to download music on YouTube for free would you take your little time to share this post with your friends? Well, I trust that after reading this post and you find out that you can actually download YouTube music for free and YouTube video music for free you will definitely hit the share button.

YouTube music section is exactly like YouTube video music section and YouTube kids section where your kids have direct access to YouTube videos, music, cartoons, games and lot more as designed by YouTube and to be monitored by the parent after YouTube account has been created for the child.

The YouTube music section offers a free to download and play music for all YouTube users. The music can be used as YouTube video background songs, can be downloaded with a downloader for an offline purpose, and can be shared after downloading.

The YouTube music content is different from YouTube video contents that are uploaded by users. The YouTube kinds of music are core property of YouTube and they have 100% right over it.

YouTube music is one of the most popular section on YouTube with over 98 million subscribers, 98,931,921 subscribers to be precise as at the time of writing this article. So, there is a lot to download from this section. On YouTube music, popular music videos are the top videos and music you will come across, follow by the latest music video before the country top YouTube music videos.

Music on YouTube

Wikipedia lists the most view YouTube video music on YouTube so far. This is not a one time update, the page is constantly getting updates. So before you learn how to download music on YouTube it’ll be better to check that out.

Without many stories and wasting of time on introduction to YouTube video and YouTube music section, here I’ll dissect the music section on YouTube.

How to Download Music on YouTube for Free

If you want to learn how to download music on YouTube for free here is a complete guide for you. Here in this article, I will share with you step by step procedure to download music from YouTube without YouTube music download software or smartphone’s apps.

1. Go to YouTube Homepage on your browser

2. Under YouTube subscription to the left click on music or access the YouTube music section here

Music on YouTube

3. To download music on YouTube right-click on the YouTube music video and copy the URL or click to open the music video and right-click on the YouTube music video to copy the video URL

Music on YouTube

4. Open a new tab and click here to visit convert2MP3 and paste the copied YouTube music video above. Select MP3 under audio from the drop menu and click convert button after it.

Music on YouTube

5. Now it is time to download music on YouTube using Convert 2 MP3. The video will start the conversion from YouTube video to Music or MP3 as you may call it.

Music on YouTube

6. Click continue to skip adding tags to the video before the download option. Now click on download to start downloading the YouTube music video to your device gallery.

Music on YouTube

Congratulations you have successfully downloaded music on YouTube directly from YouTube music video section without using any YouTube music downloader software for computer or mobile.

They’re other ways to download YouTube music, video and cartoons changing the video URL by adding ss to the video YouTube or replace YouTube in the video URL with 10convert to download the YouTube video either an MP3 or as an MP4.

Were you able to download music on YouTube using this tutorial? This approach can be used as well to download YouTube video music MP4 without converting it to an MP3. It also gives a straight download to other audio output.

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