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OffLiberty is tentatively down as it cannot handle YouTube video download for now. It’s not that OffLiberty is not opening but OffLiberty is not currently working. The YouTube to MP4 and audio converter is currently offline and converting YouTube to MP3 or YouTube to audio has become a second to a known problem of Off Liberty platform.

There has been a lot of comment and worries about OffLiberty including alternative, whether Off Liberty now has a virus when you want to convert YouTube MP4 to audio. Meanwhile, OffLiberty is not retiring yet. But the YouTube to audio converter is currently not working fine and you cannot convert YouTube to MP3 with the platform for now.

While when you open the platform to convert YouTube video offline it opens perfectly but returns an error when you try to download MP3 from YouTube saying “try again” the URL could not be identified.

Meanwhile, the YouTube video URL that is not working on Off Liberty YouTube to MP4/MP3 offline converter works on platforms like SaveFromNet, Convert2MP3, YouTube to MP3, and some other YouTube to MP3 online video converter.


What is

OffLiberty is a stand-alone website to convert YouTube to MP3, audio, HD MP3, MP4, HD MP4 and other forms of YouTube video output. Off Liberty offers free service to convert YouTube to MP3 just like other YouTube video converters.


While Off Liberty is not the only website to goes off and come back to life, Off Liberty is still doing all in its effort to run smoothly. After it was recorded that OffLiberty was not working, after a few days Off Liberty came back to life and you can now download YouTube video and convert the YouTube video to MP3.

To download YouTube video and audio from Off Liberty you only need to copy and paste the YouTube video URL in the column provided and click the OFF for Liberty off convenience website to start the conversion process.

However, if you would love to neglect OffLiberty alternative and concentrate on how to convert YouTube to audio using Off Liberty stand-alone platform here are the process to convert YouTube to audio on-off liberty.

How to Convert YouTube to Audio and Video on OffLiberty

Below contain all the process followed to download YouTube video as audio and video from off liberty website. Meanwhile, I did try my luck for like three times before the website started working. While I was writing this guide, off liberty was down for some moment, perhaps it was due to heavy usage or server down but once the website is up and running you can download YouTube audio using the platform.

1. Go to YouTube website and search for the video you want to convert to the audio version of the video and paste the video URL into Off-Liberty YouTube to audio and video column on the website and click the OFF button.


2. OffLiberty will load and return two options to download audio and second option to download the video. Right-click on audio and select the option to save the YouTube video as audio.

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