How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery

Do you want to recover deleted files in Windows and Mac? Or you want to bring back lost files in your removable devices like flash drive, hard drive, and floppy disc? If yes, I am going to introduce you to my favorite recovery software that works on Windows and a Mac device to bring back all files you have long lost on your device.

This free-in-paid software can be used to recover deleted messages, photos, movies, videos, skits, comedy, and other important files with a single click. All you need to do with this software is to download the freeware to help recover deleted files. I personally call this tool a data recovery software free.

However, if you’d prefer a fantastic and quickest way to recover files you have deleted on your device including a password you have long lost, I’ll recommend the¬†EaseUS Data Recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery data recovery is a free software to recover deleted files on a Windows and Mac computer. The EaseUS Data Recovery 12.1 which is the new release has a lot of features to quicken you access to recover all lost files on Windows, Mac, and even on an external hard drive.

EaseUS  Data Recovery

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

What do you stand to benefit when you use the EaseUS software as your favorite lost files data recovery on your Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Macintosh computer?

1. Recover files you accidentally or mistakenly deleted on your computer, hard drive, flash drive, floppy disc, etc

2. Recover files from a formatted device. When you formatted your PC or Hard drive you can simply use this freeware to recover all lost files on it.

3. Recover all files you have deleted permanently on your device such as files from your device recycle bin.

4. Recover files from your device lost partition. Imagine losing a file on your partitioned disc on your PC, this tool can be used to recover it without stress.

5. Recover files from a broken hard drive. If you have a hard drive that just breaks down without noticing you and you don’t have a backup copy, just download EaseUs free data recovery and run the recovery tool on the drive connected to your PC to bring back every damn file.

And a lot more. Other features include recovery files from a virus attacked drive and bring back the files without stress. All you need is download the software, install it on your Windows or Mac computer, connect the device and run a scan and then recover it.

So simple right? Yes so simple!

The Mac data recovery tool version works exactly like the Windows. They both have the same features to recover lost files and data on Windows and Mac computer respectively.

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