Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7+ Specs And Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+  to arrive 2016 February. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ is expected to launch in February with Samsung Exynos processor and the benchmark of this smartphone after the Samsung Galaxy Core VE still rumoured to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor which implies that countries like North America and Europe will enjoy the Snapdragon processor version while Asia might be the only country to enjoy the Exynos processor for now.

Accorinding to the rumour, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ production will start by January and of course, it is going to be mass production and thus, chances are that for the device to be made available for sale by February 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+

Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7+ Release Date

According to what we gathered concerning this two smartphone, it was gathered that the arrival of the device will start with two Samsung Galaxy S7 by September, the first one being 5.2 inch and the second 5.8 inch display respectively. Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ will feature 4GB RAM and which means in a simple language that Samsung is not realeasing any smartphone with 6GB RAM for now.

As at this time, Samsung company has not confirm this rumour and as such, fans are employed to take it as it were pending the time there will be full detail about the two S!artphones.

With the issue of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Core VE, don’t you think Samsung is coming a again in a very big way even with the expecting Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7+?.¬†However, the south Korean multinational conglomerate headquarter at Samsung town, will likely come up with exact detail of Galaxy S7 and S7+ soonest and we shall be on the look out for that.

And the question now is, do you think Samsung will actually release Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ early 2016 or the will have to delay the release until Q2 2016?


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