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Save From website is the best online YouTube video downloader and YouTube MP4 converter. With Save From helper plugin, it’s easy to download YouTube videos without the popular “ss” tricks. The fastest and easiest ways to save YouTube videos are using the three methods provided by

The three methods involve to either use the YouTube ss trick by adding ss to the YouTube video URL to change the URL and be redirected to the download source, or install an extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini to automatically integrated a download button to all YouTube media you opened, or you can simply copy and paste the video URL into standalone website to download the video to the desired output and also download it as HD MP3.

The usefulness of the platform includes the feature to convert YouTube videos to MP3 before you download the video. This feature makes it possible to extract MP3 from YouTube videos and turn the YouTube video to MP3.

So, here in this article, I’ll discuss explicitly the usefulness of regards how to download YouTube videos and save YouTube videos as HD MP3.

Download Save From Helper Plugins for All Browsers

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The easiest way to download YouTube videos without any trick or without changing YouTube video URL is using a browser’s download developed by website to ease the downloading of YouTube videos. When this plugin is integrated into your browser it automatically integrated a download button to any YouTube media you open before the video even start to play.

Therefore, for that reason and before we go ahead to share with you how to use other ssYouTube website approaches regards how to download YouTube videos I’ll share the direct link to download your browsers’ save from helper plugin.

You need to download and install the helper plugin for your choice of browser and you can even download Chrome’s plugin since we are personally going to use Chrome browser in this guide.

Download Save From Net Helpers Plugin Below

Just click on your browser’s name to download its respective downloader extension. The installation is direct and simple.

Download Google Chrome Save From Helper Plugin here

Download Mozilla Save From Helper Plugin here

Download Yandex Save From Helper plugin here

Download Opera-Mini Save From Helper plugin here

Download Safari Save From Helper plugin here

Download Chromium Save From Helper plugin here

If you have successfully downloaded and installed your browser’s helper from the above then we can go ahead to explain how to download YouTube videos with it. Meanwhile, these plugins will not work without Tampermonkey plugin.

By default, “Tampermonkey plugin” is supposed to alongside your downloader plugin installation but if it doesn’t’ you can download the latest version of “Tampermonkey”  plugin here.

How to Download YouTube Using Save From Helper Plugin

The most flexible way to download YouTube videos without any attempt to changing the video URL is to use browsers plugin. When you install any plugin on your browser for the purpose of grabbing YouTube video, most of these plugins don’t normally work as expected if the media is not playing. However, save from helper plugin has a different approach to make things happen.

You don’t need to start streaming on YouTube to download with these browsers extension. All you need to download from YouTube using these browsers extension is to simply find yourself on the media page and a downloading button will be integrated.

Follow the procedure below you will be able to download a YouTube videos without changing the video URL

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Save From Helper Plugin

1. Download and Install your browser’s helper from the link provided above

2. Visit YouTube website and search for the video you want to download

3. On the YouTube video click on the download button beside subscribe button

4. Click the drop menu to change the video output and the video will start downloading.

With these four steps, you can download any video from YouTube. Meanwhile, you may not want to forget that there is no official way to download YouTube video to your mobile or computer without a third-party website or third-party apps like TubeMate.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Save From Net Website

Save From

There is no abracadabra when you want to download YouTube videos using without the official website “ss tricks” that involves changing the video URL by adding “ss” at the back of YouTube itself. However, these approach has been seen as the easiest way to download YouTube and MP3 from YouTube.

The approach doesn’t require an installation of any helper. All it requires is copy and paste of the video URL and all to be left with a download button on the website.

1. Open any browser and visit YouTube to copy the video URL you want to download

2. Open a new browser and visit website homepage

3. Paste the video URL you copied above on the column provided

4. Choose your video out from the drop menu

5. Click on the download button to start downloading.

As simple as that you can download unlimited numbers of YouTube videos using this copy and paste approach without limitation except you run out of data or your computer or Android/iPhone battery is dead.

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