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Download YouTube MP4 video

Savefrom Net is the easiest and fastest way to download YouTube video adding “ss” to video URL. You can download YouTube video using SaveFrom net helpers plugin for Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and other browsers.

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos and converting movies or videos from YouTube to MP3 using stand-alone websites, plugin, and tricks, Savefrom net is the best stand-alone website to convert YouTube videos to MP3 with integrated helper’s plugin for Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera Mini.

Savefrom Net saves the stress of using YouTube video download to grab videos from YouTube, and converting YouTube to MP3. If you are a flexible-minded person and would love to download YouTube videos as MP3, MP4, and even subtitle YouTube video language consider using Save from net.

However, here in this post today you will learn how to download YouTube video, how to use ss YouTube trick which is a subsidiary of save from net to download YouTube video, how to use enSave from net helper plugin to download the video directly from YouTube video search engine, and how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using savefrom net website free and without registration.

But before that let us quickly take a look at what site is all about and the benefits you can derive from using it.

What is Savefrom Net?

Just like anybody would ask ‘what is savefrom net’. Well, save from net is a popular stand-alone website for downloading YouTube video directly from YouTube using en.savefrom helper plugin, using ss trick popular called ssYouTube trick, and copy and paste YouTube video URL to the site video search box and grab the video as MP4/FLI/WMA etc and HD/MP3 depending on your expected output.

Take for instance that you came across a YouTube video you love to watch again and again. You don’t need to bookmark the video URL or stream the same video online every time you want to watch it rather you can download it to your gadget using any of the procedure am about to share with you in the section below.

What is The Benefit of Using

Another question may come why Savefrom website to download YouTube video and not using YouTube video downloader either on smartphone or PC or desktop. Well, both YouTube downloader and Save From net have merit and demerit. Nevertheless below are the few of the benefits of download videos from YouTube using save from net.

1. It saves time and more faster compared to YouTube video downloader

2. You don’t need software or app before you can download your favorite YouTube video

3. The helper plugin is even faster compared to some other YouTube grabbers

4. You can just add ss to the back of the video URL to preempt downloading

5. Video out will be available in different format

6. Its easily convert YouTube videos to MP3

There are still some other features or merits of savefrom net as to downloading videos from YouTube but these are just few to take note.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using SaveFrom Net

Here I am going to share with you the list of approaches you can follow to download YouTube video as MP4 as well as MP3 using site, helper plugin, and ssYouTube trick.

Method 1: How to Download YouTube Video With is the parent site of save from net where users only copy and paste video URL from YouTube to generate a download button with just a click. The procedure below guides you on how to successfully use ensavefrom site to download YouTube video as MP3 or MP4.

1. You may want to visit YouTube search and search for the video you want to download either as MP3 or MP4. Copy the video URL.

2. Open a new window or tab and visit or go from here and paste the video URL into the search box and hits the enter button.

Savefrom Net

3. A download button will be generated for your video alongside some other information related to the video such as title, duration, format etc.

Savefrom Net

4. Click on download to download the video as MP4 720 or click on the drop menu to select desired output and hits the download button. To download the video as MP3 you can always click on HD/MP3 to initiate a download.

Method 2: How to Download YouTube Videos With ssYouTube Trick From Savefrom Net

This ssYouTube trick is the most interesting of them all. While watching a YouTube video that you love to download for offline purpose or to be able to share the exact video with your friends all you need to do is use ss YouTube trick to grab the video.

You still don’t understand what I was saying about the ss YouTube trick? Read this complete tutorial on how to download YouTube video as MP4 and any other video format as well as MP3.

Method 3: How to Download YouTube Videos Using Savefrom Net Helper Plugin

This is actually the deal I personally recommend for most people that asked for any helper plugin to download YouTube videos. The only thing you need to do on your own part is to download and install the helper plugin to integrate a download button below each of every video you click to watch on YouTube.

Isn’t that great? Here is how to simply grab YouTube videos with ensave helper plugin without navigating away from YouTube video page.

1. Download and install ensave YouTube helper plugin and restart your browser to complete integration. Make sure you tick install on all browser when installing the plugin to enable helper.

Savefrom Net

2. Visit YouTube and search for any video you love to download and click to watch it. A button to download the video will be right available from save from net helper plugin.

That is it… You can now use savefrom net to download YouTube videos as MP3 or MP4 depending on your choice.

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