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MP3 TO YOUTUBE is now our rebrand name. Here in this article, I will share reasons why we choose to go for a rebrand and choose savetube as our new domain.

The way YouTube is designed you cannot download a YouTube video which is the only way to enjoy the platform. However, we came to realize that, a platform like which covers tutorials and review of a standalone website to search and download YouTube videos, convert YouTube videos to MP3, and how to download YouTube music with and without YouTube download will be of great importance for YouTube lovers.

However, since YouTube apps do not support to download YouTube videos for offline viewing to phone gallery and majority of YouTube visitors would like to save YouTube including you and me, a platform like savetube will be of great importance to teach you how to save YouTube videos online to our phone gallery for offline view.

The following are the core value and reason why was chosen as our rebrand name and you will learn the following to mention a few.

1. How to save YouTube as MP3

2. How to use Save Tube as YouTube Downloader

3. How to save YouTube video online

4. How to download YouTube video as MP3

5. How to convert YouTube video to MP3

6. How to use service like OfflIberty to download YouTube video

7. How to save YouTube video to Android phone

8. How to save YouTube videos with YouTube downloader

9. Best Android YouTube downloader

10. Best APK app to save YouTube videos online

11. YouTube MP3 converter

12. YouTube to MP3 converter

13. Websites to download YouTube videos

14. Popular YouTube videos app downloader

15. How to convert YouTube to MP3 using SaveTube []

These are just a few of the core value of the newly rebranded savetubes to save tubes that you will enjoy on this website henceforth.


Why We Moved to from

You might be surprised that is now redirected to While we try to share quality tips with our readers we also have a change of mind that it’s high time we have a brand name for the service we rendered on this platform.

For the record, we have covered a lot more on tricks and tips to save YouTube videos. While that is not a major reason why we moved to savetubes below are a few of the reasons.

1. Rebranding

We want our name to speak of the service we render. Why we share tips on how to download YouTube videos, convert YouTube videos, share YouTube video converter, and YouTube to MP3 converter tricks, our business name should be able to speak more about it.

We know it’s not easy to rebrand a product. Rebranding in our case means we’d let go some categories on this blog except YouTube to MP3, YouTube downloader, and YouTube download app category.

With this, we will surely be able to cover each and every one of our topics completely without leaving a tip or trick behind.

2. Short Domain Name revealed that our previous domain name, savetubes is three years old with lots of qualities and thousands of readers. However, we found out that a business with a name that can easily be remembered is far better than one a business whose name is difficult to remember. [save tubes] is easy to remember compared to the old name. With the new domain name, you can easily identify the name and type it into a search engine rather than the long one we ditched for savetube.

What is you take about this new domain? Do you love savetube more than savetubes? Which one is better and which one can you easily remebered?

If you prefer why? If you will still go for savetubes why? Above are a few of the reasons why we went for savetubes and what is your take about it?

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