How to Convert Soundcloud to MP3 on Android

There is a tendency that you want to convert Soundcloud to MP3 on your Android and that is why you are reading this post or your friend needs to know how to convert Soundcloud music to MP3. Well, you are on point and that is the purpose of this short tutorial about Soundcloud.

Soundcloud is one of my favorite MP3 songs search engines to search and download MP3 songs for free. Most people uses Soundcloud to stream live MP3 songs but could not download for offline purpose.

How to download Songs From MP3 Juices

So reading this post means you are not alone, I have also been in your shoe before but today downloading MP3 songs from Soundcloud is a mere play and that is exactly what I will share with you.

Soundcloud to MP3 process is not what you should spend a whole day thinking about. In the world Android OS, there are lot of apps that make things happen at the far end of users’ tip without being a programmer or app developer and here today we will make use of an Android app called videoder to download Soundcloud MP3 to your Android after which you can transfer it to your group of friends or to your PC.

For the same purpose, you can also download Soundcloud MP3 on your PC. How? Read how to download Soundcloud MP3 songs on Android phone using SaveFrom.

However, to convert Soundcloud to MP3 and download it directly to your Android phone kindly follow the procedure below.

How to Convert Soundcloud to MP3 on Android Phone

If you are using Android phone consider yourself lucky seeing this post today. The aftermath of this post is for you to be able to download MP3 songs from Soundcloud music search engine on your Android phone.

1. Download and install videoder video download to your Android phone and launch the app

2. Select Soundcloud from the list of video and music search engines on Videoder homepage

Soundcloud to MP3

3. Click on the search tab and enter the title of the song, or artist name and scroll down to select the exact MP3 you want to download from Soundcloud and click on the download button for Videoder to generate the Soundcloud MP3 download link. You can check out the best Soundcloud downloader.

Soundcloud to MP3

4. Click on MP3 below audio download link  above and click on start download for your MP3 to start download as shown below.

Soundcloud to MP3

5. Click on the download icon to the top right of videoder app to access list of completed MP3, running MP3, and  interrupted MP3.

That is it… If you were able to use this method to download MP3 from Soundcloud or convert Soundcloud MP3 kindly share it with your friends on social media to spread the good news.

More so, if there is any other Android app you can recommend for Soundcloud to MP3 converter kindly drop it in the comment section for testing.

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