Video Downloadhelper YouTube Extension to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube video downloader

Video Downloadhelper YouTube is the fastest Chrome and Mozilla extension I have ever used to download YouTube videos. The moment you started streaming a YouTube video, the Video Downloadhelper YouTube extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox icon will turn from grey to multi-color indicating that a media to download is identified.

The browser plugin, download helper easily identify a playing media on a web page including Facebook and prompt a download button from the extension icon on your browser’s navigation bar.

When you open a tab without a media to stream or download on it the YouTube video download helper plugin will prompt a message that there is no media to download on this page. While I was compiling this article and I tried to open the helper on a page without a video the plugin gave the message below.

Video Downloadhelper YouTube

The above image indicated that the Video Downloadhelper YouTube Chrome extension on my browser could not identify any video on the page when I clicked the helper’s icon on my computer browser. Whether you want to use the YouTube downloader to download YouTube videos or Facebook videos or Twitter video you need to understand how it works.

Before the helper can grab a video on any web page you must make sure that the video is already playing or buffering so that the plugin will identify a video on the page you opened.

Can I use Video Downloadhelper YouTube to Download FB & Twitter Video

When Facebook and Twitter videos became too popular it’s very hard to download videos from the two platform. I was among few of my colleagues that were very worried about how to download Facebook videos must especially those Facebook memes.

But in the long run, I came to realized that you can easily download a Facebook video using SaveFrom browser’s plugin to download a video from Facebook. However, download Twitter video is a bit difficult because Twitter platform would rather display tweet URL rather than the video URL which makes it very difficult to download videos on the platform.

However, when I was reading about Video Downloadhelper YouTube and how to download videos using the tools, I came to realized that Twitter video is among the web page the tool can download without copying the tweet URL or adding a shortcode to the video to initiate the download.

How to Download Twitter Video Using Video Downloadhelper YouTube

I know this is what you have been waiting for and it really worth it. However, the procedure is straightforward and no rocket scientist knowledge is required. Following the procedure below you will be able to download your favorite Twitter video to your computer running either Windows or Mac OS.

1.  Open your browser and download Video Downloadhelper YouTube plugin for [Chrome here and for Mozilla here] and restart your browsers.

2. Go to Twitter homepage and make sure it loads completely

3. Click the video download helper plugin when the grey icon changed to multi-color on your icon bar

Video downloadhelper YouTube

4. Move your mouse to the download button and click download. Depending on the number of videos you have on the page. If you have just 1 video the helper will indicate just 1 on the multi-color video indicator and if the videos are more than 1 it’ll be indicated. Look through the list of videos available and click on go icon to initiate the downloading.

YouTube video download helper

5. Then click download from the list of options to start downloading the tweeted video

Video Downloadhelper YouTube

The Video Downloadhelper YouTube Extension makes it easy to download Twitter video even without streaming them, unlike YouTube video. Also, while you have this plugin installed on your browser you can easily use it to download Facebook video without stress.

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