No Fee & No Registration–Just Streaming Football Live for Free

Some of our readers complained they could not watch football online for free on their Android. As in, the ongoing epl,  laliga, uefa, and Europa league on their Android phone.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and this post is mainly for you to be able to benefit from free football live streaming app for Android we enjoy always to watch matches and how to use it to watch ongoing live matches.

In the meantime you will be able to watch or stream football live on your Android phone at no cost and without even sign up.

Note that we have real tutorial to watch football online free on our Android but the only challenge we do have is it’s kind of frustrating watching while raining perhaps because of the weather condition.

There are some websites that we’re licensed to show live football but visiting such a website at the later hour for streaming football can be frustrating when you can just launch an app on your Android and start streaming right on your couch.

So we need a handy mean to stream football live on our Android with just a click. As an Android user,  we know it serves as a universal device that serves us in so many ways including keeping us feet with various app,  diary,  and lot more.

If you are looking for a better way to utilize your Android phone you may want to read this article to stream football live right from this moment.

What Do I Need to Watch Football Online on my Android Phone?

Hmmmmmm!!!!! You don’t need anything spectacular to start watching football on your Android.

Funny right?

Well, the only thing you need to stream live football on your Android cannot go beyond;

1. Your two eyes (Funny right?)

2. A working Android phone with handfree in case of noise

3. Internet connection, and

4. This tutorial

Once you have all these in place you are good to go and you will leave a comment at this end of this tutorial.

Right here to day I will share with you my favorite app to watch football on Android and how to use it to start streaming football live in your office, school, walk way, common room, toilet, kitchen, parlour, and …… where? In your dream (lol).

Most Adorable Android App to Watch Football Online on Android

Watch Football Online

There is no doubt that we have tons of Android app that promised you live football streaming feature but you ended up deleting them because they failed at fulfilling what the promised.

Over the year, I have tested over 7 Android app for watching football live on smartphone but none works except the one you will learn how to use here.

What is the name of the app?

It is no other one but Mobdro

Mobdro came into limelight not quiet long with the goal to let Android phone users’ stream football live on their Android phone.

The most smoothness part of Mobdro for Android is to enjoy live football streaming without subscription. Fantastic right? The check out the unimaginable feature of Mobdro Android apk app.

This actually not the first time of sharing how to watch football on Android using Mobdro but we will share more on it again.

How to Watch Football Online with Mobdro Android App

You should have downloaded Mobdro apk Android app from the link shared above. If not kindly scroll back and download the app. Since it’s an apk file you cannot install it directly because it is coming from an unknown source.

Meanwhile, installing app from unknown source shouldn’t be a problem and if you find it difficult to install Mobdro apk file read this guide: How to Install apk file directly to Android

1. Launch the installed Mobdro apk Android app and click on sport

Watch football online

2. You will see a series of sport channels that will likely live the match but wait—- scroll to sport 2/3/5 and click on it.

Watch football online

3. Instantly you will begin to watch football online on your device

Better  still if you support teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man-United, Madrid etc you can stream football live on their TV channel using the same app.

Now, depending on you club scroll to this app sport page and click on your team to start streaming for free.

Watch football online

That is it… You can now watch football online directly on your Android phone. If you have any difficulty in streaming football live on your device after reading this post kindly drop us a comment and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook.

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