Whatsapp Plus: Download The Latest Whatsapp Plus Apk Android App

Hope you know that Whatsapp plus apk is not the same as the Whatsapp we all download directly from Google store?  If your answer is “NO”, then you are missing a hell out of Whatsapp features which can only be found in the advanced whats app plus apk file.

One  thing that comes to Whatsapp users mind when it comes to download Whatsapp plus and install it is knowing the benefits over the one downloaded from Whatsapp official website or from Google play store.

If you are one of our readers that would love to use the latest Whats app plus you will find this post quiet lovely as the post will put before you the advance features of whatsapp plus which are not on Whatsapp downloaded from its official site and provide a link to download latest whatsapp plus apk and how to install in on your Android phone.

Basically in this post we will share with you everything you need to know about Whatsapp plus, where to download Whatsapp plus, and how to install Whatsapp plus.

Whatsapp plus download

Some Cool Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk Android App

There are some amazing features of Whatsapp you need to enjoy which is only available in the plus version of Whatsapp apk app. However, bases on our experience with plus Whatsapp apk app below are the unimaginable features of the app.

1. New Whatsapp Plus Features Blue Button Instead of Green

The normal Whatsapp  button we are used to is green but the Whatsapp+ feature blue instead of green.  The idea is to make whatsapp icon looks more appealing to eyes and makes it different from the one your Whatsapp friends are seeing at their backend.

2. Change of Colours on Plus Whatsapp

This is probably one of the things you found difficult to do on Whatsapp without using Go Keyboard or Go Keyboard themes. Right on the latest Whats app plus you can change colours including the header colour, background colour.

3. Hide Status on Whatsapp Latest Plus Apk

If your whatsapp status is horrible you may want to use the plus version as a better way to hide your status. Also, whatsapp plus save you the time of checking through your friends profile to view his or her status rather it shows it right on the chat page.

4. Send Bigger Video on Whatsapp Plus

The maximum video size you can send on normal whatsapp app is just 16MB which limited the size of video you can send. But with the latest plus whatsapp you can send up to 50MB at a time.

Isn’t that cool?

5. Better And High Whatsapp Profile Quality Image

One of the disadvantage of whatsapp is reducing or compressing the size of profile pictures once it is bigger that the programmed one. But this never happens while using Whatsapp plus. If you want to enjoy high quality Whatsapp profile picture your to install whats app plus.

6. Awesome Whatsapp Background Theme

One of the features of Whats app plus you will never pray to miss is the lot of themes you can choose from and set as you Whatsapp background image. While plus whatsapp has tons of themes Whatsapp only have few.

7. Change Whatsapp Font Using Plus Version

One interesting thing with whats app plus is the ability to change your whatsapp font which can only be done with Go Keyboard or Swift key on normal whatsapp.

8. Ability To Forward Your Exact Location on Plus Whatsapp

I found this feature very useful and handy. Most times you may want to tell your friends your current location but there is no airtime to put a call through then you think of this amazing feature of Whatsapp + to send location at no cost and for free.

9. Stability is Another Features

This is a real fact. There is no constant bug fixing in the advanced whatsapp app unlike the normal whatsapp which prone to constant update to fix bugs.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus on Android Phone

Are you convince that you need to install whats app plus to enjoy the entire feature of the app? If yes then the next thing is to download whatsapp plus and install it on your device. Meanwhile being an apk Android file you cannot install it directly from Google play store. However, you first need to Download Whatsapp Plus Apk file or check out the top APK websites to download the Whats app plus directly.

Installing apk files takes two forms. The first is installing directly from your Apk site on your Android or using Apk installer directly from your PC.

If you will love to install Whats app plus directly from PC check out how to install apk app on PC or how to install apk file to Android phone directly.

If you have any issue with installing and how to download Whatsapp plus just leave a comment below so that we can help look into it.


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