Here Are Windows 10 Features To Expect

Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 brings the best out of Windows OS. The current Windows 8 is a widely used Windows OS. In no time everybody was just swapping their PC OS from Windows 7/XP to Windows 8. Getting to Windows 8, they now discovered it has no start menu button just like the one on Windows 7.

But the fact remains that Windows 8 is user-friendly and an upgraded version of Windows 7. Talking and thinking about what to expect from Microsoft on Windows 10 should be what to get your concerns about.

If you know what it takes to have Windows 10 running on your PC, you will definitely be longing for Windows 10 release date or windows 10 preview. Just like when Windows 8 was released, we all loved it and still falling for the amazing features of the OS. But now what to expect from Windows 10 is another lucky buster from Microsoft.

Windows 10 preview is more than what you can just take a look and decide to shot off the page. Thinking about what you are missing on your Windows 8 when comparing it to your previous Windows 7, definitely, Windows 10 features will convince you that it’s indeed a great move. Let just hope Windows 10 release date will be soonest so that will can all have a sweet taste of the upcoming OS.

Windows 10 OS

Here Are Windows 10 Features To Expect

What to expect from Windows 10 can be really outnumbered, but talking about the major concern of Windows 8 OS, here are what some of the great features to expecting in the new and upcoming Windows OS.

Start Menu Button

You vividly remember this feature on your Windows 7 but not officially included in Windows 8, but this is what to be expected from Microsoft in the upcoming Windows 10 features. The start menu is now a bit different from Windows 7 start button but in a more appealing way.

When you click on the start menu button, there you get two panels, almost dividing your PC into two where you PC left screen showing all you pinned apps with the recently used app and the right showing your PC network connection, time, a drop-down menu containing hidden entries etc. Also, you will be able to successfully hibernate yourself system which can be found at the top of the screen.

Search In Start Menu

If you can remember this feature on Windows 7, you will discover it makes searching for a specific file or app very easy and stress-free. And, now this feature will be featured on Windows 10 as universal search where you can easily search for app/program/file directly on your system and on the internet as related to what you typed in the search space. The best part of this is it would directly make use of Bing search engine to search for your search query in the universal search start menu.

More Than One Monitor

With this feature, you can easily run more than one OS on your PC (You can installed Windows 10 and at the same time other OS), so that you can easily switch to your choice of OS instead of having one monitor for one OS. Isn’t this great? Some of you might have been using this feature before now, but to be candid, this feature on this OS will be superb and full of user-friendly techniques.

Quadrant-Style Split Screen Multi-Task

To be frank, this feature is really amazing and it got me thinking always. You will now be able to have four pages open on your Windows screen at a time without anyone obstructing the other. But it has not yet be confirmed that whether this quadrant snap will depend on your screen resolution or not but this new docking system will make multi-tasking function very easy.

No need to think of what you want to open, as there will be a strict suggestion on what to open for you by the system. What are you really expecting from Windows 10 and what about Windows 10 release date?


  1. Manik Reply

    I’m just waiting for Windows 9. Still i’m not thinking about Windows 10 or its features. 🙂

  2. Kellog Reply

    You know what! I just downloaded the trail version of windows 10. And I’d be trying it soon enough.

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