Best Ways to Use WWW ssYouTube to Download YouTube Videos

www ssYouTube

WWW ssYouTube is the fastest and easiest way to download YouTube videos as MP3 and as MP4. With www ssYouTube website and browsers extension you can easily grab any YouTube video of your choice and save it into your device storage.

While we take a look at how to download YouTube video in this article I’ll take you by hand and share with you YouTube ss trick, how to download YouTube video without changing the URL, and how to download YouTube videos using browsers plugin.

The way YouTube video website is engineered videos cannot be downloaded from this popular website officially but with some standalone website such as YouTube-to-mp3, YouTube2MP3, and some other websites you can easily download YouTube video.

A www ssYouTube approach is also a fantastic approach to download YouTube video and save it to your computer storage device and on mobile storage.

When you want to download YouTube video using the ss trick, you are required to visit YouTube video website and search for the video you want to download. While the clicked media is playing, click on the video URL and add ss to the YouTube video URL changing the video URL to URL. standalone website comes with 3 distinct approach to download YouTube video which makes it extremely easy to download YouTube using any of the methods.

However, the most versatile approach of these approaches is the www ssYouTube approach. It doesn’t require installing any browsers’ plugin or copy and paste of YouTube video.

www ssYouTube

How to Download YouTube Video Using www ssYouTube Trick

The ssYouTube trick is simple and direct. It requires adding “ss” to the YouTube media URL whether the video is playing or not. Following the procedure below you will be able to download YouTube video with the help of standalone website trick called “savefrom ssYouTube trick

1. Open any browser and visit YouTube video website and click to play any media of your choice

2. While the video is playing click on the video URL and add “ss” before YouTube in the URL to become ssYouTube

www ssYouTube Trick

3. This will change the video URL and redirect you to where a download button will be integrated

4. Click on the drop menu beside download button on the interface and download your video to your device storage.

www ssYouTube Trick

Once you click on the download button besides the video the video will start to download and this will help you to unblock YouTube algothrim that doesn’t make it easy to download YouTube video.

Don’t Use www ssYouTube Trick But Use SaveFrom Extension

This procedure provide a different technique to download YouTube video and convert it to MP3. Rather than using the www ssYouTube video download trick you only need to download and install saveFrom browsers plugin for either Chrome or Mozilla or Opera mini called SaveFrom helper plugin to download YouTube videos.

1. Download and install SaveFrom helper plugin for your browser [Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera]

2. Visit YouTube website and play the media you want to download

3. While the video is playing scroll down the page and click on the download button above YouTube subscribe botton.

www ssYouTube

Were you able to download your favorite YouTube using either of the approaches above? Were you able to use the ss trick from www ssYouTube to download the video?

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