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YouTube to MP3, how to convert YouTube video to MP3, how to download YouTube video as MP3, how to download YouTube video as HD, how to convert YouTube MP4 to MP3, how to extract music from YouTube videos and how to download YouTube video are popular YouTube search term.

A lot of web designers, app developers, SEO expert, and bloggers have done a lot to help internet users find a solution to the YouTube download problem since YouTube does not allow direct download from the website.

Some websites have been removed from Google search because they offer service to download YouTube videos and convert YouTube to MP3, which is illegal.

Developers have developed a lot of browser’s extension to grab YouTube videos with just a click, some added trick to download YouTube video include adding “ss” to YouTube video to download the video.

But, of a truth to convert YouTube to MP3 has really interested me for over a very long time to discuss with you here in this blog. And today is the day you will learn how to convert YouTube video to MP3.

Converting YouTube video to MP3 helps to play YouTube video as a background song on your Android phone. Apart from the fact that you can play YouTube video using VLC and other Android phone apps, the easiest way to enjoy YouTube video as a background music is to download and convert the video to MP3.

Knowing fully that you can download YouTube video to your YouTube mobile app and play it offline you cannot have access to it in your phone gallery. Also, when listening to YouTube as MP3 in the background section of your phone it goes off the moment your phone backlight is off.

YouTube to MP3

How to Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3 converter is an online tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3. The process involves just copy and paste the YouTube video to convert to MP3 into the conversion column and click on convert button to start conversion.

After the video has been successfully converted to MP3 then just click on the download button to download the video as MP3 rather than downloading the video as MP4. Following the procedure below you will learn the simple procedure to convert YouTube video to MP3.

1. Open any browser and visit YouTube video hosting site and copy the URL of the video to convert to MP3

2. Visit MP3Converter homepage and paste the video URL into the conversion column

3. Click on the drop menu and select .MP3 under audio section

4. Click on more option to increase MP3 output volume control

5. Click the Start gear icon to start the conversion process

6. Click  download button to download the MP3 to your device storage and you can then transfer it to your phone to listen to it as MP3 on your phone

Websites to Convert YouTube to MP3

They are over a hundred websites to convert YouTube website to MP3. Popular among these websites will be shared here in this post. While you choose the best that work best how. Meanwhile, note that before we compile these YouTube videos converter websites we have used and confirm that they are very easy to use to convert videos on YouTube to MP3.

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