ZTE Nubia Z9 With Nubia 3.0UI Review, Specs And Price

ZTE Nubia Z9 is a mid range smartphone from Nubia that runs it own Nubia 3.0UI without any Google app. Brand from Nubia are somewhat considered slow but ZTE Nubia Z9 case is highly exceptional with some sweet sensating features, specs and price. Actually, when one finds himself in the midst of those using ZTE Nubia Z9, what will strike your mind would be that: this person must have special taste that makes him fall for device like ZTE Nubia Z9 which is considered not popular enough in mobile world. Come 2015 Mobile sensation, ZTE Nubia Z9 is yet another mid range smartphone to rock it together with its other counterparts all the way from the western mobile maker.

ZTE Nubia is one of those few smartphones with sleek and metal body that the goodies can easily be identify right from outside out, a critical look and the pictures of ZTE Nubia Z9 from it leaked pictures alone is worthy of convincing mobile fan to surely considered Nubia Z9 as a worth using mid range smartphone.

ZTE Nubia Z9


ZTE Nubia Z9 Review And Price

ZTE Nubia is a midrange smartphone that runs on the known Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM and features a stunning 16MP back camera Sony Exmor IMX234 sensor-equipped camera and features a 2900mAh battery capacity. The midrange smartphone price start from $600 and go as high as $770 and without any doubt, Smartphone of this nature of price is considered high and classic like Tecno Phantom 5 that an average smartphones users were yelling at it price.

With ZTE Nubia Z9, user will surely break the rule and stop moving with the wind of the multitude and go for what makes them classical. It is crystal clear that ZTE Nubia brands are not popular yet it not even gainsaying by proclaiming that ZTR Nubia Z9 will make the brand well know in the 2015 mobile seasons

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